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 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Silhouettes begin to brighten
Under a resplendent sun upon the horizon
Nimble light dances across crystal oceans
Rendering sparkles upon the peaks
Illumination of vibrant skies
Serenading over silvery steeps
E**nding with scenery of beautiful hues
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Answers of the imagination
Rendering through whimsical translation
T**ruth of the heart & soul, pure aspiration
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Penetrating affliction
Outsourcing addiction
Infectious incision
Soulless prison
Obnoxious affection
N**octurnal reflection
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Slowly drifting
Under the horizon
Now inviting, a
Sleeping sun
Entering delight, a
T**ranquil night
 May 2014
Shannon Jeffery
Tantalized by seductive
Offerings. Her
X-ray vision leers deep
Into my soul. She
C**onsumes my mind

— The End —