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 Sep 18
My grandmother was married by the communist party. Yes, don’t be surprised. Comrade Soare insisted: comrade Alexandru is a promising man, he knows the right direction for the world to go. Grandma wasn’t convinced, but the party insisted, it was her duty.  They lived in a city where every street had a dark end. Women were not allowed to have silence between their legs. Only arms filled with zest. My father married my mother for the garden. For the apple trees, peach trees, cherry trees, for daffodils, roses, for the raspberry. Their minds colonized,  the right to think abolished. The right to feel obscured. Politics of desire mystified. The wind had ears. But they were proud, they were tall, they looked the other way. They carried history in their teeth without laughter. I came along as an unfinished story. The debris of time filled my mother’s womb. It was never mine. They gave me the demand of truth: touch feels good. A living soul is necessary. Thinking is vital. Community is air.  We need each other.
One day I knew, how it happens. My blood started flowing with cataclysmic power.  This is not the time for Hollywood love stories,  but honest touching. You spin my mind, and I keep dancing.  I carry your body in my silences just for the sake of the world.  I had to cry. Passion is terrifying. You suddenly don’t recognize the meaning of crossroads. The world gets swept away.  I feel like shouting at the speed of the world decomposing. You make me laugh.  What if love is a tyrant?  There is emptiness hidden in the seed of desire. I had to learn from tears, from disembodied words.  I have to learn again the meaning of freedom. Who knows what is this everything that matters?
 Jun 15
I don't know where I'm going,
the streets are intoxicated,
the air pregnant with sweetness
my tears cannot wait for the linden honey
I would go to that place where
time is made of dreams
 May 23
a fearless incantation in my watery hands
that show you things you don't wanna know
about the fluidity of bones
I imagine with my fingers poems  you've never
asked for cause happiness is a bitter woman for you
take me back home from the land of noise
keep me in your armpit like the shadow of a smile
 Apr 8
tears are
they are in love with
the gravitational attraction
I tried their speed today

tears are full of
interrupted gestures
the god of sweating
the dance of life
the unknown of the sublime

my tears are full of
the broken world
in their eyes
the sea of time spinning
its fountain of hope and despair

these tears are
full of me, of you
of us & them
again and again
full of  "creative ambiguity"
true wholeheartedness
 Feb 17
your eyes hot like a bullet
mine engulfed by the equinox &
the silences I walked away from
we are two or more
two people who shout at each other letters
that have never touched any alphabet
who throw beautiful ideas to be caught by twilight
the hour is always unknown
as if we watch each other's destiny
what comes next only the oracle of Delphi knows
or the roots of entropy maybe
I keep some thoughts in the straitjacket

we guard bridges, ancient castles in the sky
we guard the world not to turn into a casket without music
who invented this question mark
that we owe each other happiness
I wonder if the trees have unspoken meanings
do they turn overnight into telescopes to quest
the loneliness of stars, as we do

I might turn into a shadow
blinded by darkness
we draw uncanny shapes,
everything a circle can endure
with our mouths full of pebbles
 Jan 2022
Mohd Arshad
In every leaf that
Falls, agony lies hidden;
We dont hear, we watch.
 Dec 2021
Mohd Arshad
Without poetry,

Society is an autumn tree
 Dec 2021
Mohd Arshad
Without sorrows

Who would care of our tears?
 Oct 2021

My heart feels the clouds —
So warm and yet so heavy
It’s as if I’m pondering
About the next visit of its bleeding.

I’m incomplete
With those, I’ve considered as variables
For a long time ago —
Devastated with lots of foolishness I entertain,
And I’m stuck with the utterance
Of who’s waving the white flag.

Without a single thought,
I mock myself over and over again.
Within my pillows,
I shed and saved so many tears
As if I’m gonna earn from it one day.

From time to time,
I check the beating of ng heart
If I’m still on the track
That once paved before me.

And I shiver
With those old pictures of yesterday
So old yet so new —
And I can feel my genuine gladness.
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
Is not an incidence

It's a long process of being disciplined......and sacrificing desires.
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
Failure is the door
Through which success enters
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
It was horrible!

All persons were rejoicing in dance
While the Geeta was sobbing in the room
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
The dullness of life
Lies in not enhancing knowledge......
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