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 Nov 2018
we're just talking about our future, and i've never wanted to fight for something so much in my life.
 Nov 2018
Don't say it as a friend
Everytime you do
My heart sinks

Don't remind me
That I can never
Have you

Just don't say it at all
I can't hear it
Without breaking
 May 2018
Dazed Dreaming
An old man sat down next to me today on a park bench.

He didn't say anything to me at first, I was busy running through my own head.

But his soft raspy voice wrapped in experience broke through and stopped my thoughts.

Without looking at me he leaned forward and said....

"You are a strange, rare, kind of beautiful. You have that kind of magic about you that is radiant and intimidating, it has scared many away. But don't be fooled. Because only the foolish will ever run away, always coming back when it's too late."

I was speechless as I slowly turned to him searching for words searching for anything to say, but all that escaped was a tear down my cheek.
He finally looked over at me, giving me a toothless grin that about reached his wise blue eyes.  He patted my shoulder, without saying another word he stood and went on his way, leaving me with nothing but the greatest two gifts I'd ever received.
Whoever you are, you are a beautiful person your smile and words to me was the ultimate gift. Thank you
 Mar 2018
Dazed Dreaming
To anyone with a broken heart...
If ever you find yourself on your bedroom floor at 3am with those uncontrollable tears running down your cheeks.
And you find that your fingertips are blistered from trying to claw yourself out of your own skin...
I want you to realize that love is only a verb.
It's going to hurt like hell, but realize just because he said he loved you, doesn't mean he ever actually did.
Love is much more than beautifully painted words.
Love is shown through actions.

So don't be ashamed of the way your heart dies and how you still may cry for him.
It's not giving him power over you.
Imagine it to be like a great flood washing away the old you.
sometimes even painfully,
Washing away all the wickedness, sorrow and pain he left behind.
Soon becoming forgotten..
A distant memory.

And you will become his biggest regret...
Once the realization set's in...
That he lost you..
And every attempt to find you in someone else will fail..
Because you won't be found.
 Mar 2018
Mike Hauser
This heart inside of me
Has been living out on the streets
No need to ask how long
It just needs a home

Try as hard as it might
It's so tired of the daily grind
Wandering to and fro
In desperate search of a home

It's been out on the road for years
Making its intentions clear
How much further must this heart roam
Out there looking for a home

Not looking for sympathy
But looking to fills its needs
That's really all this heart wants
In its search for a home

No matter how far it seems
It's ready to take the leap
Knowing it can't do this alone
Ready for a home
 Mar 2018
When a poet falls in love with you,
You will be his queen
You will be the most beautiful lady that they have seen
You will be the subject and protagonist in every story and scene
Because when a poet falls in love with you,
that poet will take away your fears and sorrow
and you can be **** sure that he will wipe away your tears and for you, he sure as hell will catch an arrow
and he will promise you that there is a beauty in every tomorrow

when a poet falls in love with you,
he will surely give you all of his time and attention,
love and affection,
gives you all of his protection,
as if you're the most precious masterpiece in his entire creation
and in times that you'll feel you're all alone,
he will become your favorite superhero without a cape on
because a poet knows how powerful the words are-
he will build your dreams up and through his words, you will become immortal
you will be the center of his universe, you will be his stars and moon
and even though you're thousand miles apart he will never be tired in saying "see you soon"

Because when a poet falls for you,he will use all of his vocabulary
his words,letters, sentences and paragraph will be his armory
because for him, nothing is more precious than seeing his girl happy
 Mar 2018
you will never be forgotten.
your name twisted into metaphors and colors and distractions will forever
be painted across pages and pages of her favorite brand of notebook,
no matter how many she burns
there will always be one she forgot,
and she will only find it once she had almost forgotten you.
she will find the one Papyrus notebook
and all of your metaphors and colors and disractions will come flooding back,
just like how the ocean in your eyes
flooded her heart all those years ago.
 Feb 2018
You are The Sun,
The moon and my stars,
In this vast universe,
Illuminating the darkness,
A gorgeous mural, the purest of art,
The flower that has deeply rooted in my heart, created a garden and purified all of my parts, the beautiful tunes of the music,
Soon as it starts, soon as it’s caught,
Fuel to the spark, the fire that keeps growing, at no time in the present or the future it stops, the food when I starve, to whom should I go, when I feel down and gloomy in thoughts, in this world I’m lost, you be my compass.
 Feb 2018
She's dying right infront of you
And you don't even realize it
It's like she's drowning right infront of you
But you don't believe her cause there's no water

But what's killing her isn't water
And it's not that she wants to die
It's that she's fighting a war
She is never going to win

How would you feel playing tug of war
Constantly being pulled down
But there isn't another person
It's you.

You see what's killing her isn't water.
It's anxiety.
It's depression.
It's the constant war inside her head.
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