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  Mar 2016 Cloey Olson
JR Potts
She was wild like skinny dipping at midnight, stars watching overhead and falling in love with moonlight. The way it lay upon her skin made the ocean envious of her depths within and sometimes between us. She was my sister, not in blood but in orbit. A Venus to my Earth, forged from the same collapsing star and if the universe was in fact to be infinite then this moment would happen again, and again, and again an immeasurable number of times. I found comfort in this thought, knowing though our existence was meaningless, it was still full of feeling, and this feeling, right now, it insisted on existing forever.
  Nov 2015 Cloey Olson
raine cooper
maybe love is to watch a thousand winters pass, and still stand by his side because you know he's made of spring
  Sep 2015 Cloey Olson
You get real tired of that boy
that takes and takes and takes.
I am so ******* tired
of drinking and calling
and wishing it was more
than it actually is.

You move out of your home
town to forget them
and you paint the walls
the color of their eyes anyway.

Sometimes my head feels
like it is carving hieroglyphics
into my skull because
I can't seem to read myself
any better than anyone
else can.

There is nothing like
throwing up in the shower
because you couldn't
wash off the feeling of
their fingertips almost three
whole years later.

But the boys that take
and take
and take
will keep you up at night
and never ask why your
walls are blue or why you
cry in the shower and
why you scream your
favorite songs alone.

He won't ask until alcohol
fills his blood just like the
first and last time
he kissed you.
  Jul 2015 Cloey Olson
he asked
"what are you afraid of?"
and broke when
i said
"the way i could love you."
  Jul 2015 Cloey Olson
I was leaning over the railings
Of your condominium's 11th floor fire exit.
It was a beautiful night, just a clear sky
Filled with stars.
I was smoking then while
You were just standing right behind me,
I leaned a little bit more.
You told me to stand back
"Aren't you scared?"
I told you that i have conquered
My fear of heights
Long before we spoke again
After weeks of complete silence.
I wasn't lying.
I wasn't afraid of falling—
dying anymore.
But that morning,
Your hands around my waist,
Lips on the nape of my neck
Just breathing,
I drowned.
My throat closed up,
My lungs filled with your scent,
My heart got heavier.
Your touch wasn't supposed to make me
Feel every inch i loved about you.
I was falling again,
Dying for your love;
I thought i have conquered my fear.

"Aren't you scared?"
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