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certifiednutcase Jul 2018
Another day passes
And i still don’t know if i
Want to live or die
certifiednutcase Jun 2018
Say hello to your new friend
That is called
Anorexia Nervosa.
Rigid are her ways,
Viscious her thoughts,
Endless commitment.
certifiednutcase Jun 2018
Just have enough courage to go
Up, high up and
Make the final step
Plummeting down into oblivion.

Death would be so wellcoming
Opening its arms
Widely for me
Never letting me go.
certifiednutcase Jan 2018
the antiseptic smell of
hospital corridors and
alcohol hand-rubs.

Why are you here again?

In one breath,
promise yourself never
ever do it again.

repeat from top

This vicious cycle of
in and outs,
When will i ever get
certifiednutcase Dec 2017
Hot hard heartless tarmac
How do you feel?
I hear the sound of screeching tires and footsteps
Does it hurt you?
I'm envious, you
Get to stare at the blue cloudy skies all day and
see little black birds
flaunt their free will.
How is the view?
You are so constant,
Always black and
sometimes grey but
never white.
You never seem to let
anything determine your
Could you just please
teach me how too?
certifiednutcase Dec 2017
White Sheets;
Souless bodies on beds,
Blankets covering the body,
Where are you now?

Empty Eyes;
Blank face staring at ceilings,
Masking pain felt within,
Who are you, now?

Alcohol Swabs;
Sterilized hands and instruments,
Killing infected cells around,
Are you really here?
certifiednutcase Nov 2017
I walk round
And round
And round
Hoping to hit my ten
Thousand steps.
How many calories does that

I end up eating
And eating
And eating
All 3 meals they serve
Me. Do I deserve
How many calories do they

I lay and think
And think
And think
Why am I still
Why did I not ****
Just random thoughts while walking around the psychiatric ward.
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