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12.6k · Apr 2014
certifiednutcase Apr 2014
Maybe we're chemicals,
Because we've chemistry.

But then again,
It's not as though
Chemicals reacting
Could change anything
Other than the forms
That people see.

The forms change
But yet
What we consist of
Remains the same.

((Being in love doesn't mend a broken heart.))
3.8k · Dec 2014
certifiednutcase Dec 2014
Going out with you is like taking a unknown bus,
I do not know where it goes
Nor do I feel comfortable.

Talking to you
Is like reading a foreign language book.
I do not understand .

You want to know what I'm doing,
But I'm a free and independent woman
I do not need weights to tie me down.

I may tell you I'm sorry
But I'm not sorry
Because through all my life
I've learnt to survive on my own.
3.5k · Oct 2013
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
                On a field
                                 D a n c I n g happily
Bathing in the SUN
                          Soaking in joyful atmosphere.

Then humans came
And P L U
                                D them out
took them a w a                          y
                     From the HEART of theirs.

The daisies they shed
Tears of helplessness
With each drop
Bringing them closertotheground.

2.6k · Mar 2014
certifiednutcase Mar 2014
In your presence I feel edified  and loved
Something that I've never experienced when I'm with others.

Your love so great
You died for me.
But yet who am I?  
A lowly worthless servant who can't seem to hear your call,
Left aimless treading on this earth.

Blaming you is easy
Scolding you ensures nothing.
When I ask of anything
You gladly give.

It's funny how things ended up like this
And hell am I afraid
Of what's about to happen.

I trust in you, knowing you'll guide.
You've never failed me.
You won't.
2.2k · Oct 2013
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
I'm an escapist
Who indulge in escapism
But no matter how far I run
My demons, they take chase.

Into the waters I hid
Drowned by the sound of water pouring
Yet they came to me
In forms of crimson red
Dripping as I slipped.

So I went up high
Onto the mountain top
But they followed me up
And made me want to fall.

I couldn't bear it longer
I dived deep into books
Hoping words would bore them
As they so oftenly do to plenty.
It worked for a brief moment
But they found the tiniest hole in my head
During rests
They race into me.

It seems like no matter where I go
Or what I do
I can never shed them off.
All I ever wanted
Was to **** them all.
But they seem to replenish twice the number
Of the minute I've removed.

I don't know what to do anymore
Escaping no longer work.
I am an escapist
Trying to escape escapism.

2.2k · Sep 2016
Square or Circle?
certifiednutcase Sep 2016
And we return back to square one:
where windows are grilled and
hierarchy is based on what you wear.
where movements are restricted but
thoughts run wild without restrains.
A square is not a circle.
But yet,
Acts like one.

Things come in full circle. 

Life is humorously ironic.
1.5k · Oct 2013
Dark alleys
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
Down dark alleys
Which meanders deep in the midst of cities
One would find the best kind of people
Labelled as "outcasts".

It is down these dark alleys
Where the darkest thoughts are shared
Where the "taboos" of society can be found.  

Secrets shared are kept
Promises said, never broken.
The best things are shared amongst all
So is the worst.

Bustling with activities
Down the alleys
Warm smiles exchanged
Along with heartfelt feelings.

Dark alleys without light
Are aflame with love
That one can never find
In the hustle and bustle of a hectic city life.

Though poor in terms of material possessions,    
    They're rich with all the necessities,    
           That are needed to live a real life.        

Are you so caught up with trying to live the life that everyone has, or are you living the real true meaning of life to its fullest?
1.4k · Oct 2013
rain rain go away
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
The rain splatters against the window
Calling out for you by making a scene.
It has been raining everyday
Ever since you left.
rain rain go away

My face is wet
But my eyes are dry
For the everlasting rain,
Drained it (my eyes, my heart, my mind) empty.
rain rain go away

It's cold here;
The wind is howling.
It's telling me, it misses you.
rain rain go away

When you left,
The sun no longer shine.
You splattered ominous dark clouds
Painting the canvas – the sky.
It'd be nice if someone cared,
It'd be nice if there's someone by my side
To plant daisies,
While calling Mr Sun to report for work.

But we all know:
no one likes traveling through the rain;
Everyone fears slipping.
rain rain go away

1.3k · Oct 2013
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
A walking tragedy
Along the street
With lines on her wrists
And a smile on her face.

Her interior beauty
No naked eyes see
Her destroyed exterior
Judged by plenty.

She learnt
To put on masks
As though parading
A life long masquerade.

A passion for the arts:
Her body the canvas
The blade her pen
Crimson red
Staining sheets.

Finally one day
She has had enough
Of leading a life
Akin to drama.

She threw away all masks
And showed her frown
Took the rope
And left the ground.

This beautiful tragedy
Remembered for
Her love & kindness
She didn't knew she possessed.

That's how the world is
A huge tragedy
Of unappreciated beings
Leaving without living.
certifiednutcase Nov 2014

Comb every strand of hair,
Clean every part of your body
And look at them
Appreciate them.

Dress up.
**** society's expectation
Wear your FAVOURITE colour
Wear your mood.

Always prepare for rainy days.
Bring an umbrella,
Bring your sweater
Bring some money,
For warm coffee/tea.

Go out and explore.
Visit cafés and treat yourself,
Visit book shops & libraries
Inhale the aroma of freshly brewed coffe,
The nostalgic smell of old, yellow papers.

Be okay with what you do,
Say things that are on your mind.
Who cares about what people think?
You are who you are
And you're perfect.

Even if you can't love yourself
Always remember that there's a greater God,
whose love is boundless.
Hey, even the birds in the sky,
The flowers on the ground
Fishes in the sea
Have been taken care of by "him"
What else you a human being!
1.2k · Oct 2013
Foreign paths.
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
Foreign paths
Meant for exploration
Alongside another soul
Leave droplets filled with despair
splashing on unheld hand.

On foreign paths I pray
That our paths would intertwine
That fate won't leave me
Hanging on a twine
Sparing two hands.

On foreign paths
I can't grasps
the intangible line
Between the start and the end.
Lined with flowers,
torns attached.

On known paths you've done
part of your job.
You taught me to "fish"
But did not stay
To see me catch a thing.

In the midst of known and foreign paths
You didn't see me failing miserably
Not at my failure
but at your leaving.

certifiednutcase Oct 2013
This silence is too eerie, this emptiness is too vast. I thought I've finally escaped this "hellhole". I thought that I've escaped into the embracing arms of Camelot. But little did I know, Camelot is an evil place brimming with demons from over the world. Shush, they're coming for me. Don't make a sound now, or else I'll flip.

I hear them breathing noisily thought their nostrils, congested with slimy mucus. I see them now! Blood overflowing from their mouths, unable to satiate their undying wants for human minds. Help! I'm gripped tightly around the fingertips of fear, "they'll never let me go" I thought to myself.

As quietly as I could, I tiptoed into the most outstanding room of this beautiful castle. I locked the door, double bolt, and triple bolted it. Oh, foolish me. What have I just done? This room has no windows at all. Those cannibals are scraping the door. They've smelt my scent, they've smelt my sweat. They've realized my presence and now I can never outrun them anymore.

I dug my hands into my pocket, hoping to find something that I can use to fight them off. I thought my pockets were empty, but thank God for hope. I felt something metal, I felt something sharp. I pulled it out. Guess what I've found! Upon sight of that metal blade, I chuckled to myself. I am elated. "There's a way out of this after all." I really couldn't have asked for more.
With this blade I'd win, I'd be triumphant.

So as the wooden door slowly split into two upon the clawing of those disgusting creatures, I've dug the metal blade DEEP. DEEP into my ulnar first, then my jugular. "HA HA HA HA", I cried out loud as I breathed my final breathe to show that I'VE WON, YOU CAN NEVER GET ME NOW.

969 · Oct 2013
She. (Me)
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
She doesn't know why
She's the sort of person
Who converse with inanimate objects.
She can't (help) but call for the razor
Whenever she's in deep confusion.

She's not the sort of person
Who is able to use verbiages at her fingertips.
The tune her fingers play
Doesn't portray
Phantoms in (her) head.

(She)'s the sort of person
Who loves coffee and the morning sun.
But she's also the sort of person
Who hates her own existence
And find that she's no good for life.

She's the sort of person
Who doesn't believe that people care
For everyone who said that
either left
Or (wants to leave).

(She) didn't meant to be annoying
Nor did she wanted to be so disgusting.
She hated putting that cold metal
Against her skin which was warm with life.
She hated sticking *******
Down her only throat.
She merely (need)ed something
To take the pain away.
Her only wish was (salvation);
She's been held captive by her mind.

893 · Oct 2013
Moon dreams
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
The pale moon dreams
Of being noticed.
The bright moon dreams
Of being heard.

The new moon dreams
Of stars in the sky
To get through
The dark night.

The crescent moon dreams
Of being young forever,
While the half moon dreams
Of another half moon
To be with.

The Gibbous moon dreams
Of all moons' dream:
Loved by all
Like a Full Moon.

872 · Feb 2014
dead or undead ¿
certifiednutcase Feb 2014
Alienated from this world,
It's as though I'm invisible.
Its like... I'm a ghost.

Perhaps I'm dead – or more like an undead.
Consciously breathing,
Yet unconsciously living.

Unachievable demands too plentiful
For bare shoulders (to bear).
Words carelessly strewn
Cuts into the soul
leaving a void.

Countless wanderings,
Trying to find a home.
Yet left stranded alone;
Always on the toe, ready to go.

I need a complimentary ticket
to depart from the mundane
to the destination – into the moment.
870 · Sep 2013
certifiednutcase Sep 2013
Neither a word
Nor a feeling.
It's intangible
It's alive

Indescribable yet,
Able to cause sufficient damage
Equivalent to a single life.

Just a single day
Hundreds and thousands
From the wrath
Of Pain.
In the mercy
Of its insatiable desire.

At times
Strength from it
Though mostly

No amount of mitigation
Or medication
Will cease its existence
For pain is real
And so are you.

826 · Dec 2014
certifiednutcase Dec 2014
Fragmented unique cracks
Stripes and miniature holes
Holding it whole.

Slight Prevention against impact
Susceptible to water
Dust filled
It never lasts.

Thorns inserted,
Pieces fall apart.
What's left of my heart now?
824 · Oct 2013
Not the same.
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
The absence of feelings
Yet feeling the vast emptiness
Lashes deep into my soul
Leaving me directionless.

It's not quite the same.
The past and the present vary
Akin to heaven and hell.
Not tantamount to an empty cup,
More of half-filled.
Doesn't spill blood
But open veins with searing "heat".

I'm confused with who I am
And what I'm supposed to do.
Where am I
Why am I here.

A maniac released from its chain
Would never be quite the same.
For the pain that once seem to make me go insane
Is what that's keeping me alive instead.

815 · Oct 2013
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
“A rapid, persistent chemical reaction that releases heat and light, especially the exothermic combination of a combustible substance with oxygen.”

Like fire we burn
Combusting with love
Releasing heat and light
To guide someone to you.

Like fire we are
Both a bane and boon

We build things up
To burn it back down
For from ashes we rise
And from ashes we return.

814 · Jan 2014
Words playtime
certifiednutcase Jan 2014
And so I've decided to come back to this same old place
For words to play.

The living world with its senseless debates
Brings me down for I have no say.
But in this same old place
My words gets a chance to be said (or read)

I wonder at times in the day
Why humans are so naive
To believe in everything that they've heard or seen
But not what that could be.

In the darkness of void
My mind tends to stray
The words that I kept and did not say
Comes tumbling out before day.

I wish people realized
That Words despite inanimate
Does have its weight.
772 · Nov 2013
i'm l0st
certifiednutcase Nov 2013
I've never meant to go astray.
I've never wanted red wrists
or smelly fingers.
I've never wanted wet sheets
or sleepless nights.

I don't know what to do
or what to say
to make all the pain
go away.

Stuck in a limbo
seeking respite
yet everything else
leaves me in turmoil inside.

Maybe insanity is the new sane
like how being drunk is the new sober.
They say that even hell gets comfy after awhile
I have to say that they're right.

The pain gets addictive,
the burn becomes akin to ant's bite.
There seem to be nothing else
to make me feel alive.

i'm lost.

769 · Oct 2013
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
"You can no longer roam these streets, or hide at the stairway."

Where am I?

"You have no one to send those stupid messages infused with your devilish thoughts anymore."

Who am I texting?

"No more enduring long lessons which meant nothing compared to wars fought in your mind."

Wait what? Weight = M x g?

You'll begin to gibber to yourself
Curse yourself
Question yourself
Once you realize
The concept of time that humans created
Limits your happiness.
For you are human
Stuck in a world with a timed concept.
761 · Oct 2013
2 a.m.
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
At 2 a.m. In the morning
Demons come out to play.
Cannibals clawing at your door,
What last words do you have to say?

At 2 a.m. in the morning,
Only lonely souls are awake.
Fighting those stupid demons
With nothing but a blade.

At 2 a.m. In the morning
Have you ever needed somebody to talk to?
Have you ever scrolled through your contacts,
Finding no one you can tell things to?

2 a.m. In the morning
Insomniacs are wide awake.
For the pain that leave us "sober"
Is what that's making us stay.

At 2.01 a.m.
I bid my final goodbye
As I flung myself to those cannibals
Who are lonely freaks like me.

760 · Oct 2013
Alternate Universe
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
Bring me to the alternate universe
Whereby humans don't hold on to their beloved time concept
And rename it "life" instead.

This alternate universe
Where people hold steadfast to humility
And humble themselves to the service of others.

It is in this alternate universe
Whereby people are content
And lives are fulfilled.
Smiles on faces;
Tears of joy.

728 · Oct 2013
This is NOT a poem.
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
This is not a poem.
It's more of a lashing of words
To remind myself that I'm alive.
Let the pain paint my flesh
A vibrant pink,
Filled with vitality.

This is not a poem,
But it's written for the sole purpose to remind everyone,
I'm human.
I make mistakes; I'm not perfect.
I'm not a robot,
I need my rests.

I just HAVE to reiterate:
This is not a poem.
I just had to bring out feelings and words
I can never let out
Because I have to "save my face"
And I am "strong".
But I'm truly sick and tired
Of living this life without having any reason
Or anything to hold dear to.
Self destruction isn't bad,
When it keeps you alive.

This is not a poem.
But just so to let you know,
The blanket that's wrapped around me
Is so thick and heavy
My shoulders can't bear it's weight anymore.
Even the bed, creaked due to the immense pressure.

No, this is not a poem.
I don't quite know what I'm feeling.
But I know something:
I can't live like this forever,
And I need someone to realize that.

725 · Sep 2014
certifiednutcase Sep 2014
An empty train,
A clouded mind.

Vacant spaces transpire
Havoc caused by thee
Running in circles
Back to square one.

Water vapors reminisce
Your presence
As dotted lines
Started to fade

Our lives now
Strangers we once were
Strangers we are now.

719 · Oct 2013
(un)Answered Questions
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
It's 3.56a.m. and I've got something to confess.
You've once asked me if anything's wrong and if I'm alright. I replied with a "yeah, I'm fine."
I lied.

You see,
0000h marks the start of my torture
As 0100h sees my tears.
0200h hears my secrets while
0300h watches me bleed.
0400h tries to comfort me, and get me to sleep before 0500h.
0600h I wake, questioning my existence all over again.
It's a vicious cycle,
One that I can never step out of.

My smiles in daylight are lies,
Deceiving enough to let people think I'm alright.
But truth is I never was, and perhaps never will be.
I love too much and fall too hard.
Words that pierced my heart resonates in me as I lashed myself with pain and anguish.
Taking pills akin to M&Ms; while downing coffee like water to substantiate my status as a human – I need water, air and love to survive.

Every personal question people ever threw to me,
I answered them all
despite them not getting any answers from me.
The answers and thoughts in my head
doesn't leave their sanctuary that easily;
They murdered me with their constant bickering.

Perhaps, at the next 4.07a.m. when you're awake,
try asking me those questions again.
i might spill it all out to you

656 · Dec 2013
Overly conscious
certifiednutcase Dec 2013
After 12 midnight when everyone's asleep
That's your most conscious moment.

Drunk on insecurities,
Busy putting up strong fronts and fake smiles.
Answering with slight twists whenever a personal question that might potentially break down your wall is asked.

Weary from pretense but yet desperately holding on.
Having slight slip ups whenever no one is looking.

Walls crumple and demons are set free.
The mind is free from all restrains.

You begin to see things more clearly despite being in the dark.
But yet the demons which were also let loose continues to blind you each time you realize the stupidity of yourself.

Vicious cycle that can't be broken,
You broke yourself into pieces instead.
609 · Jun 2017
The number on the scale
certifiednutcase Jun 2017
The number on the scale
Becomes very real.
When food becomes kilojoules
Cravings become nil.

The number on the scale
Shouldn't be like a rusty nail.
Causing a wound
that never seems to heal,
that spreads till you're ill.

The number on the scale
is now fear.
For somehow worth is
Equals to
The number on the scale.

The number on the scale
Haunts till
The number on the scale
Decreases to
The (smaller) Number on the scale.
609 · Apr 2014
certifiednutcase Apr 2014
Prison is
A four walled place,
With people scruntinizing
Your every move.
It's a place filled
With foul smells

Prison is
A cage,
Your very heart.
It prevents it
From falling apart.

Prison is
In your very body ,
Controlled by
your own mind.
You can't do anything
Or say a thing,
When it decides
To shut you up.

603 · Aug 2014
I wonder, who else...
certifiednutcase Aug 2014
I wonder,
Who else would look at the clock & think about life.
I'm tired & hungry & suicidal.
I want my exterior to be as broken
As my interior.
People only see the outside
And they don't understand what it's like
To have your mind pitch-black
And your body functioning on auto-pilot.
There's no break, no acceleration. Nothing.
You just do whatever your dark mind makes you do.

It's quiet here
With people minding their own business
Doing their own things.
I wonder,
Who else is like me
Trying to find a way back home.
585 · Nov 2013
Tread water.
certifiednutcase Nov 2013
I'm desperately trying to push those currents of history
And kick down monsters
Because I want to stay afloat.

Kids learning swimming at the age of 7
Would all tell you treading water is the easiest
And most basic skill for swimming.
It keeps you alive.

But their swimming teachers didn't tell them this:
When swimming in the vast life ocean,
Not knowing where shore is or having anyone near you,
Treading water becomes an immensely tough thing to do.
Your legs get tired, Your arms sore,
Yet not reaching shore
Hence unable to stop.

The easiest thing to do is never treading water,
But letting water fill your system.
Let it reunite with the water which consists 70% of your own body;
Let go.

But it's suicide.

582 · Oct 2015
certifiednutcase Oct 2015
I want to write but at
this point in time my
head is empty.
ironically, heavy as well,
I stop writing, to hold it
back up.
I also write at
573 · Feb 2014
certifiednutcase Feb 2014
I'm  back to where I've started:

Stained Sheets
Scarred Wrists
Silent Breaks
Subtle Hints
Screaming Mind
Shattering Heart
Shoulders Drooping,
                                     from the bar.
570 · Mar 2014
dis o r i e n t e d
certifiednutcase Mar 2014
not knowing where I am
Who I am
What I am

I die momentarily
When the monster grip
my soul
Out of this hollow frame;
The body.

They say: "time will tell"
I know not
of the time

Inability to differentiate
And reality,
I lie between
The blurred line.
566 · Oct 2013
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
Your intangible
No.1 Fan
Who rises as early as the sun
And stays with you
As you bathe in moonlight.

Never outshining
Always complying
Never complaining
Only obliging.

Once in our life
We'd become
Vapid shadows
That lurks behind someone.

A change in density
When plaque with love
From solid beings
To nothing but mere
Subordinate of light

While trudging behind
I questioned myself
"Why won't you notice
The one that is nearby?"

Like shadows we rise
And like shadows we fade
Away into oblivion.
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
There was a time whereby I couldn't understand
How can a scream be silent
And emptiness weigh?

But as I grew older
I understood those phrases
In a different manner:
I felt the scream echoing in me
Without any audible noise.
My body carried empty promises
Along with unsaid words
Both of which
Weighs a ton.

542 · Oct 2013
Ticking, running, flying
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
The ticking of the clock
One that's unheard of
Blares loudly in my head.

The hands of the minute
Seem to be running
Such that minutes become seconds
And time as a concept
Becomes nothing.

I feel as though I'm flying
On an expressway through time
Waiting for "past time"
To catch up with me.

539 · Oct 2013
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
Let me tell you a story
Of a night
When I took 9 tiny pills
Hoping to die.

It was a irrational action
I admit
But this incidence
Ceased my impending "wake"

I arose the next morning
Wondering if I'm dead
And if this was what heaven felt like.
But when I heard the all too familiar scream
I realized
I'm back in hell again.

To school I went
Chuckling in my head
Of how foolish man can be
To not realize a single thing.

The whole day I did math:
9 times 500mg
Divided by 1000mg
It was more than 3 times of the stated dosage.

I chided myself then
Why didn't I get more
Why didn't I have the audacity
To rob the first aid box.

But soon
I've came to realize
It wasn't the dosage
Nor the amount that mattered.
It was the fact that
Life was still mine to deal
And play with for longer days.

I didn't want it
But I've no choice

I tell myself
Over and over again.
*But I never once did
529 · Nov 2013
certifiednutcase Nov 2013
Sleeping in;
Waking up when the sun nestles itself comfortably in the middle of its trajectory.
Sipping coffee with a *******,
Book in tow.
This is what life's meant to be like.

Staying up;
Awfully sober when the moon reflects light from the sun in attempt to cover up it's imperfections.
Laying in bed with a finished book,
Voices in head.
"What's the meaning of life?" I question.

Vicious cycle;
Riding up and down the tracks of high and lows,
No breaks in-between to inhale life-sustaining oxygen.
Stuck in a rut,
Indecisive if life's great or life *****.

523 · Dec 2013
certifiednutcase Dec 2013
I am only but human
Enclosed by 4 walls.

Once, these walls were miles away
Akin the earth from the Milky Way.
I had no restrains;
like a bird in the vast blue sky,
Like a fish in the water body of earth.

As years passed
The walls closed in,
Restraining and constricting
But never impeding tasked errands.

Recently however,
No matter where I turn,
My head hits solid walls and bruises.
But that's still fine I guess,
For the sky I still can see.

Now though,
A new wall seems to be spiraling down from above
Passing down from one hand to another.
Air that's coming in is thinning,
I'm suffocating.

I wonder which last pair of hands this wall would feel
For I am only but human.
512 · Oct 2013
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
Twenty six letters
When jumbled and played with
Forms words
With a myriad of meanings.

It's amazing how twenty six letters
Can cause such extensive impact
Giving life
And snatching breaths.

These twenty six letters
Satisfy, satiate.
They depict feelings
And tell "tales".

Twenty six letters I wrote
But none could ever express
The desolate and helplessness
I feel every single day.

Twenty six letters
I once hated
Became something

Once, I hated you.
Once, I thought that I was happier without you.

But those letters turned tables
And now I write for you.

509 · Oct 2013
No more
certifiednutcase Oct 2013
Vacant spaces
Filled with unsaid words
In between strings
Of Broken promises.

Memories never fade
It replays,
By your name.

No more visible signs
To express your care
Nor audible words
Such as a
"I'm here."

Everything fades
And become (no)n-existent.
Not even (more) than a vapor
Of your vanishing love.

I would have told you
"I miss you" from the very start.
*But what if you gave me no more than an end from the very beginning?
486 · Sep 2017
Dear Yi Lin
certifiednutcase Sep 2017
Here’s a letter to my fallen sister:
I did not show you the ropes
And lead you up the mountains.
Instead i tugged you down the valleys
And left you
You tried,
Climbing and climbing
But ended up
For the last time.
483 · Dec 2013
Silent speeches
certifiednutcase Dec 2013
Not the quiet girl that everyone thinks
My mind has been stormy with endless debate
Ever since I could think.

Basic voicing out of pain
My kind of verbiage,
Written words
I'm not confident of,
Judgement's my greatest fear.

All words conceived
Are perceived
In the very same place.
My words reverberate
But yet unable to reflect to other beings.

Speeches that no one hears
Rough drafts that no one reads.

*It's actually quite loud in my head.
482 · Mar 2014
GP Boredom
certifiednutcase Mar 2014
Hospital Walls
"Hospital walls have heard more prayers than church walls."
Within the walls
Lies souls with worth
Impeded by four walls
Restricting movement
Constricting actions.

Thousands of soulless eyes
With the same movement
And the same mind.
Rushes with the bell
Runs with the time.
Trying to be ahead
Is a tough task.

Unnoticed words
Faces gone
Memories faded.
The world is not the same anymore.

Valley's void of sweet smelling roses,
Empty streets.
Grey clouds gather
Together to mourn.
Petals drop to welcome
Souls departed.
Swollen eyes,
Tells it all.

Merely a short white stick
But a life long commitment .
As clouds of ashes rise,
Souls slowly leaves
The body.
481 · Jun 2018
certifiednutcase Jun 2018
Say hello to your new friend
That is called
Anorexia Nervosa.
Rigid are her ways,
Viscious her thoughts,
Endless commitment.
478 · Mar 2015
certifiednutcase Mar 2015
water, crystal clear

moving around aloof.

clours glistening guppies,

floating clovers crinkle,

moving humans hover.

the. World. STOPS.
I can also be found on ◡̈
467 · Dec 2018
certifiednutcase Dec 2018
This is the first
Ordinary good
Thing that has
Please, don’t
Attribute it to fate but
The moment before
Everything fades.
Tloml made me buy toothpaste for him so i wrote this cringe-y poem
459 · Mar 2014
40 Floors
certifiednutcase Mar 2014
I've read of how it took 40 floors
To ****** a boy, 16 of age,
With no voice.
He flunged himself to his death,
His head crushed
His bones broken.

It doesn't take 40 floors to **** someone:

Life is like a high rise building
Which evolved from a slum.
Each person you encounter,
Is a floor (flaw) in itself.
People leave; floors zoom past.
Perhaps slight friction from the wind,
From what one can't bear to leave.
Words breaks bones, pressure crushes.

See, Life is like this:
You climb up only to fall back down
And for people without voices,
Life murders.

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