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Carolina P Jul 2015
They cut me down to free
The warmth they saw in me.
Carolina P Jul 2015
I will myself alive through these network pages
and even as the sun rises above, I never see it.
I am instead illuminated from the light
of this mirror glass screen
Where pictures form into pixelated sentences
And words are a slanted language, creating different meanings

In this place: population 7 billion
though I never see their faces
Instead shrouded behind the mystery
of strange, colloquial phrases.
Carolina P Jun 2015
When looking at one's own reflection
It's like looking at another dimension
Everything is the same, but...
deceptively so.
If you stared hard enough,
open-mouthed and peering
You'd see that
Your right ear is on your left
Left eye is right,
as if your person was....
backward? No.

Just a reflection.

But it is interesting to think
that there is a world beyond
with only a thin glass in between.
A world that is yours,
just a play-back in reverse.
  Jun 2015 Carolina P
There are 10 kinds of people in this world,
and binary accounts for them all.

They're happy and sad.
They're ones and zeros.
Villains and heroes.
Villains, yet not all bad.
Despite everything life decides to hurl;
Despite every brick ball of fear
Through the stained glass windows of their minds,
Through it all, they survive.
They're angry and glad.
They're happy and sad.

And in their duality, they're still smiling there
at your sharp hasty words
at your venomous hurt
that you wish so desperately they, too, shared.
Love thy enemy.

Special thanks to Kelley A Vinal for the binary inspiration. You can read her poetry here:

It's pretty solid.

Edit: Holy Daily, Batman! Wow, I'm so honored. Glad you all like it so much! :D
Carolina P Jun 2015
Fiddle dee dum,
Fiddle dee dee

Everywhere leaves will rustle for me
Everywhere trees will dispense them for free
Oh, if i found a red one for thee
Of maple, oak, and sycamore, see?
Look! How they lift and float in the breeze
Pluck them out, PLUCK
They dodge and they tease...
Tumble down, THUMP
ARGGHHH scabby knees!

Fiddle dee dum, and fiddle dee dee
Everywhere leaves will rustle for me
Can't wait for Autumn
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