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Tommy Randell Mar 2019
They give an elephant ears
Thinking to make him fly.
They make a clown cry tears
Without first asking why.

They **** hope in a film
To make a cause out of irony,
Turning honey and milk
Into an epic of reality.

They're in the business of
Churning out fake news and copies
Milking dollars out of our Christmases
By making money out of stories.

They sell us dumb heroes
Leave us no cause worth dying for,
And yet they make us incurious
If all their hype is what life is for.

Netflix & Apple Inc...
Now TV and Prime...
The screens are not windows
The real world is outside!

The World Wide Wonder Web
Isn't inter-connectivity...
It's the world wrapped in fibre Net
And they are fishing for you and me!
Carolina P Jul 2015
I will myself alive through these network pages
and even as the sun rises above, I never see it.
I am instead illuminated from the light
of this mirror glass screen
Where pictures form into pixelated sentences
And words are a slanted language, creating different meanings

In this place: population 7 billion
though I never see their faces
Instead shrouded behind the mystery
of strange, colloquial phrases.

— The End —