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Jul 2016 · 1.0k
Vanishing Point
Carolina P Jul 2016
Visions collide
Here, I reside
Closing doors with my mind
Chasing shadows, leaving friends behind

If only I could bend time
Turn demons into simple crimes
Sweep away emotions and trembling oceans
Can I plunge into the Earth
without leaving a mark?

Crowding thoughts
Is it all for naught?
I've turned the dreams away
Faded nights turn to gray
Corroding minds, they all unwind
Plunging into water
How soon will it be till I falter?

If only I could bend time
Turn demons into simple crimes
Sweeping emotions, reflecting oceans
Can I rise from this Earth
without leaving a mark?
I'm obsessed with the new show called Stranger Things.  I was thinking about Eleven and listening to Vanishing Point by New Order when I wrote this^^
Jul 2015 · 1.3k
Summer Explosions
Carolina P Jul 2015
My heart was a firecracker
And you had lit my fuse
Foolishly, I stepped too close to the sparks
And then I was blown apart by your flame
Jul 2015 · 358
In My Field Of...
Carolina P Jul 2015
She floats over a field of paper flowers
and I, watching her,
feel as if I've fallen through corroded ground.
Inspired from the song Imaginary by Evanescence.
Jul 2015 · 1.6k
Tree Riddle (12w)
Carolina P Jul 2015
They cut me down to free
The warmth they saw in me.
Jul 2015 · 836
The Internet
Carolina P Jul 2015
I will myself alive through these network pages
and even as the sun rises above, I never see it.
I am instead illuminated from the light
of this mirror glass screen
Where pictures form into pixelated sentences
And words are a slanted language, creating different meanings

In this place: population 7 billion
though I never see their faces
Instead shrouded behind the mystery
of strange, colloquial phrases.
Jun 2015 · 411
Mirror World
Carolina P Jun 2015
When looking at one's own reflection
It's like looking at another dimension
Everything is the same, but...
deceptively so.
If you stared hard enough,
open-mouthed and peering
You'd see that
Your right ear is on your left
Left eye is right,
as if your person was....
backward? No.

Just a reflection.

But it is interesting to think
that there is a world beyond
with only a thin glass in between.
A world that is yours,
just a play-back in reverse.
Jun 2015 · 1.7k
Fiddle Dee Leaves
Carolina P Jun 2015
Fiddle dee dum,
Fiddle dee dee

Everywhere leaves will rustle for me
Everywhere trees will dispense them for free
Oh, if i found a red one for thee
Of maple, oak, and sycamore, see?
Look! How they lift and float in the breeze
Pluck them out, PLUCK
They dodge and they tease...
Tumble down, THUMP
ARGGHHH scabby knees!

Fiddle dee dum, and fiddle dee dee
Everywhere leaves will rustle for me
Can't wait for Autumn
Jun 2015 · 232
Confessions of an Insomniac
Carolina P Jun 2015
Trace the lines
Breathe out, you're fine.
The cracks are only there
to disarm you

I said come back
come back from black
but you crumpled away
a dry wilt in the sand

Vacant, you are
My once shining star
But even stars
are boiling alive
That dreadful feeling of not being able to comfort the one you love, who is suffering from depression/anxiety.
Jun 2015 · 770
The Beetle (a mother knows)
Carolina P Jun 2015
They say you're chaos, grim, and flirty,
and that the words you speak are
you spit ******, flip the birdie
Creep like a callous beetle
over the Earth
(Or more specifically, the city)

Well I said I'd slap you silly
Shove your hands into dirt, nails
"That's what you get fer stayin' in this
Now get yer defilin' *** back home"
(What a pity)

Then I'd say "Son, yer swinging high, and soon
you'll be dry
I've had up to here with the aches
and the sighs
You pack your bags while I shout with
my eyes,"
and you don't want that, as neither
do I

Even so, of these things I must say
My worry for you is more than
just fear
Besides ******, I hear moans of
tedium, my dear
And so I feel life is better for you
far from here

Away from here, go on, away
from here, from this
***** city
Show then to those who say "he
couldn't be"
that "be" could only mean anything
you'd want it to be

And you'd never again "be"
a creeping beetle of the city
but the sonorous sliver that warms
the Earth
on a darkened day
it might seem confusing, I know.  I wrote this over a year ago and I think the change in conventions towards the end was intentional.
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
Desert Bird
Carolina P Jun 2015
when the sun should sink
and the dry desert cry would ring
through the night
and you will soar

You will soar,
as if the wind must ask
of more
And a cracked tulip may shrivel
from the rasped breath
of your flight

Yet, it's you alone in your might.
And none would know of  
your plight,
none other than the moon.
That laughing moon....
If only to pluck it out with talon-ed finger...

But you, with clever eye,
will see that so long as your sole arch
carves the sky
perhaps could quake even the shadowed backs of devils below and
you will soar

Night glider, sing
Sink, or take wing
Dry wind on feather
Earth and bird, together
I'm new.  First poem.  Hello.

— The End —