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Carissa M Wyles Jul 2020
Slow down,
What are you running from?
Wait now.
What are your demons?
Rest child.
I promise the sun will come out
in the morning.
Just believe in yourself.
You can make it through.
I don't think this is complete. Something recently that just came to me after a long period of not writing.
Carissa M Wyles Apr 2018
Years ago I let you in
when no one else could reach me.
I’d become numb to swear words,
To raised voices and fighting.
I was searching for meaning, for reason,
For a place in this world to feel again like I was living.
So I let you in-
I needed someone to see me.
The exchange was simple.
All it took was a kiss or two
in your older friends bathroom,
And in return I got my fix-
Cuddling and innocence. Validation.
Then it started with my shirt, a simple thing,
then bra,
then pants,
But when it came to my underwear I remember pleading,
No, just not this one, not this last thing,
The last thin veil keeping you from seeing all of me.
But the challenge was too intriguing,
And my desire to be accepted was crushing.
So when you overtook me I just closed my eyes
As hard as I could
Let you kiss me and pretended it didn’t bother me.
When you held me on the couch afterward I remember whispering
“I love you”
But I knew it wasn’t true.
You didn’t respond. Pretended to be sleeping.
And here I am years later,
Still wondering if this is the reason
I have trouble trusting.
I haven't written in awhile, and this just came out. Let me know your thoughts.
Carissa M Wyles Sep 2016
I was enchanted by the
Stars, burning so bright,
that I forgot the Earth beneath me,
the grass that cushions,
the roots that dig deep;
You are the touch of cool sand on barefeet.
A breeze blows softly on the coast
as I look up to the clouds my love
For the sky
Has not faded.
I look down to my feet
As waves wash up underneath,
And my love for the Earth that cradles me
These two loves I hold simultaneously.
So deep, so separate,
But co-existing in Harmony.
I let the Earth carry me gently
The sky is for another lifetime.
This ground that holds me
Is home.
Let me know your thoughts. Feedback is appreciated :)
Carissa M Wyles Jul 2016
I will hold you closely, though you may not know I’m there.
My heart will shed light and warmth, though the lack of words may leave you bare.
I’m not always sure of the world around me,
And day after day I live with fear,
But my love for you is unceasing, Alive, and I more than anything
I care.

If I love too deeply, forgive me,
All that I know is to pick apart and dissect the world around me
Until my understanding of the universe is more clear,
And once the beauty is revealed I can only stand in awe at the miracles of each day.
You are the most miraculous to me.  
And so as I open your mind and peer inside, please tell me if I stray too close
To the shadows you hide in,
The lies you cling to. I will only love you more for these,
But I know they cause you fear.
And if I must leave, just tell me to go.
I will love you no matter the distance, around the world, or a universe away.
I will send you all the light I can and be at peace.
With no expectations.
I am yours, unconditionally.
Rough first draft after about a year of not writing. I'd like to expand/edit this, but felt like posting. Let me know your thoughts :)
Carissa M Wyles Jun 2013
Memories rush through me;
I see your face.
Brought to my knees,
the space where my heart should be

I’ve lost something too important
and can’t shake this fear,
that no matter how I fight or plead
it cannot be found
without you here
For S.
Carissa M Wyles May 2013
Blinding light. Warmth. A smile.
I could feel you every moment,
Taste the salty sweetness of
Your skin.
The sun shined down,
But we were brighter,
Living in our own world,
Reckless in how easily we trusted,
Fell, spilled our secrets in a day.

Now the sun has set.
I know it will rise again,
But the empty room whispers painfully-
*We burned out too soon.
Carissa M Wyles May 2013
I lie down tonight
knowing I won't sleep.
It's been months, and still
I'm kept up
with an aching stomach and too many thoughts
running through my mind.

I remember June, when we met,
I couldn't sleep then either.
Any second away from you
left me longing.
So we would hold on,
long talks until dawn,
Fingers tracing, memorizing faces
with touch, scent, taste. Embracing
and knowing I'd have to leave all too soon,
We would stay awake until the sunrise
forced our eyes shut.

I still feel you with me,
Always haunting.
Memories of dreams:
a wedding never to be,
a pretend family
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