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 May 2016 Bonswan
Got Guanxi
The smell of wood polish;
sprayed unevenly on the counter top,
brought you back to life.
Back down from heaven and earth into my mind,
where you had evaded me for the longest time.
An aroma of you.
My Great Grandma.
The Greatest Grandma,
I smelt that wood polish and your memory came alive again.
For one final time.
I closed my eyes,
I was a child,
and it was almost like
you came back to life.
 May 2016 Bonswan
force (haiku)
 May 2016 Bonswan
the power of a woman
and she'll destroy you
not to say men aren't powerful as well, because believe me, i know that men are a force to be reckoned with. i'm just saying that it's almost expected of men to be that way, but women get underestimated frequently.
 May 2016 Bonswan
watching you undress
was viewing a work of art
with new eyes, my love
 May 2016 Bonswan
wants (haiku)
 May 2016 Bonswan
lust is powerful
it always consumes the mind
dominating thoughts
 May 2016 Bonswan
late (haiku)
 May 2016 Bonswan
the sun disappears
some say the world goes to sleep
but really it wakes
 May 2016 Bonswan
moons are out tonight
orbiting softly, unseen
just beyond planets
 May 2016 Bonswan
Keith Wilson
Went  down  to  the  lake  today.
The  vast  expanse  of  water
shimmering  under  the  baking  sun.
Had  some  food  and  drink
sat  on  a  bench.
The  swans  came  up  from  the
water  begging  for  food.
Truly  amazing  how  they
cope  on  dry  land.
. Slender  legs  supporting
a  bulky  body  mass.
They  certainly  belong  
in  the  water.
Crowds  of  people  about
mainly  Chinese  tourists.
Really  warm  day.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
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