Black Leaf Mar 18
I'm tired.
Tired of everything.
I just want to sleep,
And never wake up again.

No, I'm not lazy,
I'm not running away from life.
I'm just tired of the world and myself,
And too tired to change anything.
Black Leaf Jan 12
The piano played a beautiful tune for her,
But she couldn't hear it.

The brushes coloured an empty canvas for her,
But she couldn't see it.

The bees made delicious honey for her,
But she couldn't taste it.

The flowers scented heavenly for her,
But she couldn't smell it.

The birds made a soft dress with their feathers for her,
But she couldn't feel it.

How could she?
When the world tortured her,
Till she was dead inside.
Black Leaf Jan 12
Those blue eyes
Had a story to tell
From a million cries
Many words fell

It screamed in pain
Asking someone to listen
But all was in vain
It couldn't reach anyone

When the tears stopped
Everything was frozen
And the eyes lost
All emotion.
Black Leaf Jan 12
Floating in the sea,
Drifting through the wind,
Without a destination.

Some may think it's sad,
But I believe it's freedom.

— The End —