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610 · Feb 2018
Get Over It
Doruk Feb 2018
Trans women are women
And trans men are men
Non-binary people
Are typically "them"

Gay women dig ladies
Gay men dig dudes
Bisexual/pan folks
Are not "just confused"

No one is ill
We're not living in sin
We're just what happens
When love and truth win
This is not mine. This is Amanda Jette Knox's. You can follow her on Twitter: @MavenOfMayhem
540 · Jan 2018
Joe, Mike and I
Doruk Jan 2018
Im in my room
With my friends.
We drink ***
'Cause Joe's a badass.

But there are fights.
Mike brings doom.
Says he has rights,
In my room.

Should I **** him?
Maybe I do.
Time to detonate
His little mango.

Got a gun from hell
It goes bang-o
I forgot to tell
I'm a ******
Dark humor? Or was I drunk when I wrote this?
Originally mine.
323 · Jan 2018
Doruk Jan 2018
closer now to death
the blossom heavy lime tree
my childhood lingers
Originally by a Turkish poet Yelda Karataş.
254 · Jan 2018
Tears in my Tea
Doruk Jan 2018
I woke up to go to work
To make my boss rich,
To make him make his boss rich,
To have the biggest boss making government rich,
To help the government train soldiers,
To have them fight with other soldiers,
To collect all the tears their families drop,
I thought, eating my breakfast.
Sipping my tea that I made,
From tears.
I wrote this a while ago when I was making a project about capitalism. It worked, I guess! :)
Originally mine. Translated from Turkish and wow! This is way better than the original.
232 · Jan 2018
Doruk Jan 2018
It's raining outside.
I'm fading away,
With nihilistic thoughts,
Empty emotions,
Into the darkness I go.

Maybe it's time to quit.
As long as I live,
I will have some hardship.
But why should I worry,
About the thoughts I keep.

"There is always a light"
In this dark abyss there is light,
But only for others to acquire.
So I can't really fight the dark,
It holds me really tight.

All these thoughts,
Drove me to something bigger.
Just sadness I feel,
Nothing else better.
I wanna shout 'help me', but...

It's raining outside.
I wrote this a while ago, when I felt really down. I was in a bus and it was raining outside. A very close friend of mine got on the bus. I decided to tell him about how bad I felt for the last week or so but he approached me first and he said: "Hey, it's raining outside.". That mixed with my feelings that day created this poem.
It's my first.
Originally mine. Translated from Turkish with a little touch to give it a slight rhyme.
188 · Jan 2018
Doruk Jan 2018
It's free, it's free,
Air's free, cloud's free,
Caves and hills are free,
Rain and mud is free,
The sight of cars,
The doors of theaters,
Balconies are free;
Bread and cheese are not but,
Bitter water's free,
Freedom costs your life but,
Captivity is free,
We live for free, everything's free.
Originally from the Turkish poet Orhan Veli Kanık. Original name is "Bedava". Tried my best to translate it to English.

— The End —