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BhaRaty Jan 2016
And if ever the sun loses its shine,
Baby, you don't ever forget to smile.
For the sun might be the one that wakes
up this world,
But for me, it's your smile
that lights up my universe.

BhaRaty Jan 2016
Silence is not always absence of noise.
Sometimes it's just presence of noise shut inside.

BhaRaty Jan 2016
Clothes lying on the floor.
Wine spilled all over.
Wrapped inside your arms.
Under the cold sheet.
Your aroma all over me.
Romantic music still playing on.
Last night, Our souls danced passionately.

Someone once said to me
"The sky is sad, just like your eyes."
I've just come to understand this
That the reason the sky is so sad
Is because the heat of the sun
Leaves it's dark depths every night
Just like you
When you left me standing there
That cold winters night
In the frightening depths
Of my own terrifying thoughts
And years of feelings
That visit me every night
In my head
And tear me apart
From the inside out
  Nov 2014 BhaRaty
Aayush Rathod
Here I am and there you are,
And a counter between us.
Standing across it,
You ask me,
"What can I get you, Sir?"
And I tell you,
"A Caramel Latte."
But deep in the depths of my heart,
I wish I could say,
'All I ask for is your heart!'

I look at your Raven eyes!
The way they flicker
When you try to spell my name on the cup.
Shiny like a star, that a sailor follows
In a dark night,
They brighten my thoughts.

It read,
The tag on your breast.
So beautiful your name is,
But far beautiful you are!
Envied by a thousand blood roses
In the fields of elves.

Now I think to myself,
'How stupid I am,
to lose my heart over you?'

So beautiful you are,
That a million warriors
Would lay down their lives,
just to get a glance.
And The gods would create thunder when you weep,
And storm the galaxies when you're angry!

I savor the Coffee,
Knowing that it is made by your dusk hands.
They have now scribbled your name,
Like a tattoo,
on the pink walls of my heart,
they shall stay there till the end of time.

Now that I leave,
I feel bleak, and blue, and grey.
and happy!
Knowing that I will see you again,
Perhaps tomorrow,
or day after.

And perhaps someday,
You shall wear me the ring of love
With the same glow in your soul,
And the same scent on your skin
You shall let my lips meet yours.
This is my first post, so be easy on me.
Suggestions are welcome.
I hope you guys like it. :)

— The End —