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You feel a storm in your stomach,
It fumbles your insides
And pours down your face
This is the second prose/poem I wrote that tells combined tales of humans and storms.
i played
with the fire
that burned in his

submerged myself
into their

let it consume
what it could, because
i'd rather turn to
ash before
they cease to look
at me
**& now that they
have ceased....
ash I'll be,
ash I'll be
he made seconds stretch into
and then left me there to gather
the dust

he was gone like a time traveler
into another world that
hid behind the stars,
while i collected my small
infinity still filled with moments of

tell me what i did to deserve such a
heartless torture?

how it is even humanly possible
for someone to
touch your world just once,
and taint the rest of your
life with their color?
i had loved
only loved.
and that is my greatest
also old :P
sometimes you will
feel more than the rest will
ever feel

sometimes you'll perceive
the lightest of words as the heaviest
ever said

and you will constantly be looking
for the best within others

and even when they push
you away, you
will run after them

this is your tragedy

because the world
cannot think so deeply
as you do

this is your tragedy

sometimes words do not have a depth
at all  and you'll  just
sink to the bottom
of a great big Nothing

this your tragedy because
some people will never change

because you are a
glistening star and they are afraid
of burning

this is your tragedy
because you heart is so big
and your hands, too small to catch every
tear that falls
got the line "This is your tragedy"
from a quote by Daniel Saint. Also, his quote
inspired my poem.
we treasured the moment so much we didn't see another day
for when it felt like paradise, we forgot to pray...
we said every word there was to say
and what's more?
We held so tight until we squeezed each other away.
The suns divulgence to the sky torrents every once in a while into distinguished hues.
Everything happens for a reason.
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