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Mar 2018
For what it’s worth,

I still think about you at 12:36

When I know that you’re in a different time zone.

Maybe it’s because the hour ahead of us is a constant reminder of how your heart,

despite time and distance, is mine –

like this clock,

like this hurt,

like this longing.

Despite time and space,

it is all mine.


the love remains behind,

with me,

waiting to catch up to the next life,

waiting for reality to stop just for a second,

waiting for a chance just another chance

only to wait again with a better sense of hope.

Maybe I should wait for the next day,

23:11 will come and I’ll wish upon this ****,

this hurt and this longing while you,

at 00:11 will wish upon the stars of a new day.

Hoping today will dawn with the rise of our love

only to realise that there are shams and shackles of could-have-beens

in dusty roads of despair,

bottle tops for pacifiers, balancing the toxins of sorrow

ashed dreams,

and sobs for lullabies –

not your voice for my ears,

not my song for your heart.

Nothing but space and time.
#poetry #reminescing  #heartbreak #love #lose #regret #wishes
Written by
Bellinah Mammosi Zwane  17/F/South Africa
(17/F/South Africa)   
   Ignatius Hosiana
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