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 Jun 2016 Batya
Elizabeth Burns
 Jun 2016 Batya
Elizabeth Burns
She has death in her eyes
Death prowling
Death trailing
Anger bubbling in her heart
Swelling inside
A trigger waiting to be set off
A gun that lies in her heart
She hears
And she
Her anger boils out of her
And she screams
From all the heartache
All the disappointments
Every single person she has lost

She screams.
 Feb 2016 Batya
Listen to This
 Feb 2016 Batya
My poems never made
much sense while they
float around my head.
Just useless words stitched
together to dig deep
at some inner beast
that roars in my soul.
 May 2015 Batya
 May 2015 Batya
She Layed Her Head On His Chest
And Her Thoughts Wondered Why
His Heart Screams Out So Silently.

Why. It's Always Banging On His Chest. But No One Seems To Answer.

And He Replied: It's Been Trapped In This Sad Body Since The Beginning Of My Existence.
It Wants To Escape. But No One Seems To Set Free Into The Light.

It Finally Gave Up.
Made Friends With The Darkness.
Shared Ancient Stories.
Shared Emotions With The Razor.

And The Razor Understood All Its
The Razor Then Smiled At The Sad Wrist.
And After A While, It Said.
Look, You're Smiling Too. :)
 May 2015 Batya
she insisted she was the moon,
but i told her she was every star in the sky.
she burned so bright in the darkness that consumed her.
 May 2015 Batya
Violante Holmes
In history class, we learned about witches.
About them being hunted down.
We were told this was all a misconception.
That true witches were never to be found.

But I know the real truth,
The one everyone says is wrong.
That while witches may be fake,
The witch hunts are still going strong.
 May 2015 Batya
Listen closer, that’s not the sound of
his heartbeat you hear it’s only your own
echoing back to you, trying to remind you
that you don’t need him to keep you alive.
You’re going to be okay on your own.
- you don't need him. remember that.
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