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Elise Sep 2015
At the other end of the line i'd hear you humming
and when I'd point it out you'd apologize and you'd
let silence create a void.  You'd tell me to speak or hang
up but all I wanted to say is that I didn't want you to stop
and I never wanted you to apologize.  I was always calm
with you on the line, even in our silence.  I miss your hymns.
Why did you stop calling?
Elise Aug 2015
She was fire.
She was the ache in my bones.
Elise Aug 2015
When this week is finally over
my bones will crack under the pressure of your gaze
it feels i've been waiting my whole life for this, for you
i'm not sure my heart will survive the overwhelming joy
i want to hold onto this night forever, my sleep i've lost over you
the moments are passing so fast and so slow your voice ringing in my ears
our laughter always in sync my god i can't wait another day.
Elise Aug 2015
With my ear resting on your chest
I tried so hard to synchronize my heart with yours
But your heart made such a beautiful sound
I could not get mine to calm the **** down.
Elise Jul 2015
I met you when the night was in your eyes
it never seemed to leave, i noticed, only subside.
I told you our love making was like the ocean tide
coming up to shore but falling back and leaving
droplets on sand like tears because even the ocean
cries though the moon shines bright illuminating
its present company at night.

I watched you crumble as I grew to love you
grasping at the empty air wishing that I could
only be there to hold you up when your knees
gave way and made you fall but even in my
absence you knew I would be there to answer
your call and you knew I had no intention
of abandoning your side at all.

I told my heart to beat faster for you,
to grow stronger for you,
to work longer for you.
I taught myself to find comfort in the dark so
that within your darkness I would again
discover the beauty of light.  Maybe the ocean
has a moon but my gravity has not kept me
centered and the arrow on my compass only
points to you and I know I should be walking
but I've found myself running head first toward you:
my moon, my ocean, my shore.
Elise May 2015
Sitting here, I keep telling myself it is time to go.
Sitting here, I ask myself where I go from here.
Sitting here.  Still sitting.  Stuck.
Elise May 2015
she insisted she was the moon,
but i told her she was every star in the sky.
she burned so bright in the darkness that consumed her.
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