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Jordan Kwarteng May 2019
Hate is a paper cut
It comes from nowhere
You never know its there
Til you see it

Hate is a paper cut
You can try to  heal it
But the pain doesn't go
Though it does heal

Hate is a paper cut
It can slice through you
But it can heal
Hate is a paper cut
Jordan Kwarteng May 2019
I can rhyme
You can't

I'm the prime
You’re an ant

I play ball
you just front

What I saw
You've never seen

Follow the law
Before I  hurt you in your bean
Jordan Kwarteng May 2019
Winds and heat gathers
Best day of summer
The beach calls my name

The wind flowing
The sun shining
Beams of joyful light

The flowing tides
They go high and low
Up and down

I step foot first
The water cools my foot
I feel summer

Summer feels me
Jordan Kwarteng May 2019
The beat friendships
Run in 2u's
Ours, it started in 2u's
Then stretched in 3ee's
Those I speak of this
Will never understand
The feeling of the Underman
I guess we'l all fell it one day
I can't make a plan
Not even one
Well, we had our fun
But now its done
Good by ***
Jordan Kwarteng May 2019
Head up he says
Head up
Not down

Head straight up
Not left
Not right

Head straight up
I will fall
But my head will be up

Head straight up
What I seek
Is right up

I will look strait
And take a big old peek
Head up he says head up
Jordan Kwarteng May 2019
Winds as heavy as weights
clouds darker than night
Sounds from all around

Sounds louder than speakers
I hear sounds in the night
Sounds of great joy

Air with the scent of flowers
Flowers as soft as butter
A new day it is

A new day of joy  
Days go by faster than race cars
Use my days as days use me

For if my days waste
waste is of a new day

— The End —