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it's 2 am and the only thing on my mind
is how sweetly my name rolls off of your lips
it's 2 am and all I can think about is you
how you held me so carefully; stole me with one kiss

one kiss led to another and another and another
until I was completely and utterly lost in you
needing you, craving you, missing terribly
and if only you knew what your hands can really do

dreaming of you caressing my body; holding me tight
kissing away my worries, my fears, my sadness
pulling me closer till there's no space between us
whispering sweet nothings till the pain passes

you'd take my hand and kiss it gently
and promise to take care of me from now till the end
even if that meant leaving me all alone
cause you think it's better to just be my friend

but I know for a fact that we were meant to be
even if you don't see how perfect we could be together
I would love you unconditionally and irrevocably
baby please, our love would be forever
 Nov 2015 Audrey Lucille
4:35 PM.
 Nov 2015 Audrey Lucille
but all is well until it ******* happens back to you. delusional.
 Nov 2015 Audrey Lucille
4:56 PM.
 Nov 2015 Audrey Lucille
this "story" is only a chapter within the book of lies, babe.
I gave him my heart,
I thought we could share,
But now he's got two hearts,
While my chest is left bare.
 Nov 2015 Audrey Lucille
Darling it's been 2am choking tears and bittersweet memories for some time now. It's been 6am regrets and waiting for the 'good morning' text that just doesn't come. It's been 12pm fake smiles and trying not to write your name on my maths book. It's been 5pm listening to our songs as my eyes water and my chest is heavy with remembrance of you. It's been 7pm ice cold showers because it's the only thing that makes me feel alive since you left. Darling it's been the 8pm poems I try so hard not to write, but the pile just gets higher - filled with thoughts of you. Oh, it's been 10pm prayers for you to come back and 11pm wishes, wishes for just another 60 seconds with you. To make it all right again. And when reality and the realization of what you've turned me into hits, suddenly it's 12am hate, disgust and blame. I feel so stupid, so used and worthless. But you still remind me of perfection and I crave your affection. Then it's 2am again and I can't believe I've been doing this for so long.
I was 15 when I wrote this and it still hurts thinking back. I don't think it will ever not break my heart a little when I think of us.
When the winter chrysanthemums go,
there's nothing to write about
    but radishes.
She woke up in the morning with gas that would not pass
So she put her head up her ***
She looked to the left and then to the right
However, there was no blockage within her sight
Then she heard the rumble deep down inside
If she did not pull out her head, it would blow her mind
She pulled her head so fast it created an air pocket
Hitting her like a two-ton rocket.
They found the crap splattered everywhere
On the walls and on the chair.
The paramedics stood in disgust and awe
As they turned and closed the door.
WARNING: if you have some gas that will not pass
Do not stick your head up your ***!
 Sep 2014 Audrey Lucille
What stands between us is time.
Schedules, plans, events--
Every second, every minute, every hour
We are travelling apart.
I think of you when my time is
No longer occupied
But isn't it that I'm supposed to
Think of you all the time?

What stands between us is distance.
You are a hundred miles above sea level
And I am already drowning below.
By time you jump off the sea to save me,
(Will you? Will you?)
The ocean has already wrapped its arms
Around me and yet they say,
Distance does not matter.

What stands between us is fear.
I say to the mirror,
I love you.
I say to the mirror,
But I'm afraid we're not working out.

What stands between us is them.
A girl smiles, a guy winks.
That lab partner has accidentally
Brushed your arm,
And he held my stare for too long.
"You know he'll eventually find someone there, right?"
"You know someone will eventually whisk her away, right?"
Eventually. Like we cannot do anything about it.
(We can, though.)

What stands between us is us.
You grin back, I blushed.
Our world was filled with only two pairs of eyes.
Our separate worlds is now invaded with too many.
That hole in our gut that says 'I miss you.'
Has been ignored too often
We mistake it for stress.
We mistake it for something else.
We mistake.

(We can do something
But the thing here is
We probably won't.)
You are the moon
that listens to me
at 4 am
when I lie on my back,
looking at the ceiling
how we could have been,
how we were supposed to be.
But then again,
you are the moon
and I'm the human
and we're million miles apart.
I wish we were closer
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