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Staring at these pixels,
       and images
            On my screen

It's cracked now
       Just a little damaged
     Been that way for a while
Kinda like my heart
But I continue to read and write
        All day long
Waiting to see your smile
Waiting to get that one message...
         I love you

It will come
      Like your words always do
I may have to wait
Oh! How much I hate to wait!
I know I'll get the message
    Soon enough
Until then I'll wear this smile
      Staying strong
          Acting tough
My particular favorite is...  

Hey babe, how's your day?
        I know it's been awhile
            But can I please
                Just see you smile?

Cause you know how I love to rhyme,
    And although you're not a poet
        You still try and that's more than fine!
Cause then you say...

I'm a poet and didn't know it!

Every time!

Staring at this cracked screen
   Is what gets me through my day
    Just like fixing
        My cracked heart
Is what gets you through
    You don't have to wait very long
        To see

*I love you too.
 Oct 2014 Antonio
They say that you must face your demons
in order to conquer it,
but I face mine everyday
it stares back at me
as I stare at the mirror
and to destroy it
is to destroy me.
because I am my own demon,
it's inside my head.
 Oct 2014 Antonio
It's to know you're not sad,
because you have no reason to
especially when you had a good day today;
and that the thoughts aren't yours
but it's in your head
you can't stop hearing it
and sometimes it makes you cry
sometimes it makes you feel nothing
and then you lie on your bed
thinking it's another day without doing your work
because when you lift up your pencil,
your hand trembles
and you feel weak

And it's not like this everyday,
usually you'd go for days, weeks, even months
without these thoughts

but then you suddenly can't breathe,
and then you'd feel that the weight of your heart
is something you can't carry,
and then you cry for no reason.
You feel like you've been hit by a truck,
and it hurts.

that's why you want it to end,
but you don't want to stop breathing

but it feels like it's the only way out.
 Oct 2014 Antonio
Jennifer Weiss
In the face of one's dreams
there are many deterrents.
The river will rush and ravage,
just go with the current.
Just toss yourself in,
don't open your
eyes. The safety
you need
is found
in the

We will die,
so what's the point?
We can't control it,
so what's the point?
You're white.
I'm still rolling,
so what's your point?
He's black.
No factors depend on that,
so what's your point?

The point is life is a delicate process
it never stops existing,
there's some kind of progress
it cycles through birth and death
all the time. There is no sense
to fear, stress, or worry.
No sense of any kind.
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