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Antonio Dec 2015
in love,
in work,
in friendship,
and purpose.

That is the illusion.

Our calling
is one of
endless reinvention,
course corrections
and start-overs.
That is our reality.
That is our Art.

Accept it.
Antonio Nov 2015
When the desire to 'play' exceeds talent,
melodies fall out of tune,
plucked strings snap.
Noise and scratching is all that is left.

So, practice my Love.
Practice, is what you need.
And when our harmonies blend
you may practice with me.
Antonio Nov 2015
Loving yourself, for any reason,
is a good start.
Antonio Nov 2015
A pampered myth
paves the road
to servitude.
Antonio Nov 2015
The path of least resistance
is the quickest route
to the
Antonio Nov 2015
Patience is a curse for those who've run out of time.
Antonio Nov 2015
Wish with a smile
and rejoice in the possibilities.
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