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  Sep 2018 Ana K
It is a deluge of thoughts
that rush through
a brain that struggles
to contain,

a treat of glass
that stand straight up
set to crash
and be smashed
to smithereens.

To be crushed
by the immensity
of all things
that can
and will be
even a case
the was
and never was.

A bowl
more than thrice
to the brim
with all of life

and dripping
from the sides
all that overflows
is what
we write.
  Sep 2018 Ana K
Pagan Paul
You are there,
stalking my memories,
a series of pornographic tapestries
woven deep into my mind,
Hand stitched together
with a cold blunt needle,
threatening to unravel fast
when the sun kisses the horizon.

The petals of paper flowers
yellow with time passing,
presenting a weathered view
of a love that once thrived,
but is now moon dust
gathering on a dark web
of lust laced
with delicate ****** fragments.

© Pagan Paul (25/08/18)
Ana K Jul 2018
Just feel like everything is going too fast and I wish that time could be a little slower or I could have a little bit more time to ponder over big decisions that I have to make someday. Maybe I'm afraid of the unknown and I tend to distract myself from it. Maybe I'm not quite ready for this. What is life.
  Feb 2018 Ana K
You have red, blue, and white pills on your hand
Drink it up and make it stop
All the pains in your heart.
But, you are better than that.
Better than the people who called your body.
Better than the people who called you ****.
Cause you are wanted.

You have knife on your hand,
Ready to cut your wrists
Bleed out all those aches and worries.
But, you are better than that.
Better than your problems.
Better than your miseries.
Cause you are important.

You have rope on your hand,
Lace it around your neck
Drown your mind, drown your demons.
But, you are better than that.
Better than your **** thoughts.
Better than the voices in your head.
Cause you are not alone.

And you did the best for staying alive.
  Feb 2018 Ana K
Syrah Kai
Your skin still smells like,
The first time I touched you:
Like late Sunday afternoons,
On long weekends,
Sweeter than expected,
With all the time in the world.
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  Jan 2018 Ana K
Druzzayne Rika
Get me to be
a soul liberated
from every
it could be.

I want to want
nothing from anywhere
not want to get
by things unnecessary
get myself bound to
what will be my

The soul needs nothing
it is to be free
but my own flaws
have made it
not so
that it could go
as it pleases

What is that one really needs
with no one else be depleted
all the seed, sign of lives
but with greed
everything dies

Devoid of true knowledge
what is I seek
I see myself so very weak
my vision so blinded
my eyes itself closes
that I cannot see

the lies will bite
the anger will burn
my own journey
with karma
it will come back on me
I wait
as I expect them
coming to me

My sins who will wash for me?

my thoughts
why they never sided me
they followed the down path
got me to fuss on things
over all the nothings
never mattered to me

the body detoriates
every day, every second passes

My mind forget
what it remembers
I speak no tales, but riddles
what sense
I try to formulate

This time who will be
the one to get it to decode
the mysteries
the real truths
which could liberate
but to think deeper
what really is
the answer lies very deep within
much closer than
who you are actually really.
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