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I remember everything you said to me
And how you wanted everything to be
I remember when you said forever
And how you wanted to be with me whenever
I remember the way you used to smile
And how you wanted to see me walk down the aisle
I remember the way we used to be
And how you said you only wanted me
I remember when you said "I love you"
And how ecstatic I was to say "I love you too"
I remember the way those words rambled off your tongue
And how people said we were too young
But I remember how I felt about you
And how I knew it was too good to be true
Because I remember the way you left me
And how you just let me be
You hung up the phone and left me there to cry
But I wasn't ready to say goodbye
I'm still not ready to move on
But all my happiness has been withdrawn
I just wish you would come back
And give me back all the happiness that has been lacked.
(written in the Apple store)
Brown shoes
Grey floor
Black pants
See through door
Blank stare
Shifting screen
You must stand up
To be seen
Iconic logo
See the list
Sell, sell, sell,
Buy our ****:
I quit
You can connect
To what you please
Just one mouse click
Until you freeze
 Aug 2014 Adriean New
it was stronger than anything i ever felt before
i saw your soul and after that everything was a blur
when i was with you time seemed to slow down and everything was moving in slow motion
the only thing i knew was that you were the most amazing creature I've ever met
i literally felt week in the knees every time you looked at me
yes, you were a mess, i could feel that
and I, for the first time in my life, wasn't
i could feel your mess taking over me
but i couldn't care less, it felt amazing
like a magical mess, it made me feel more alive than ever
Silver tongue, a man of steel.
My heart was his to steal.
Eyes as warm as the summertime fire.
Eros reignites my burning desire.

Gold eyes and sugary sweet lips.
His velvet hands upon my hips.
My soul alight with intense desire.
He is oxygen fuelling the fire.

Bronze body and a body brawn.
He loves me until dusk and holds me till dawn.
Oh that face, an artist couldn't have drawn.
What a loveable mind that could leave a heart torn.
New to the site! :3
I see your face
& all the mistakes I made
While we dated
& I hate that ****
I'd like to replace it
With a milkshake & some cake
And say
"Hey. We're okay - that ****'s lame, the cakes great, let me help take the pain away."
& you'd say "okay"
I want to do it right this time
I know criminals tend to commit the same crimes
But you aren't blind
& neither am I
I'm not even here to win this time
And in time
I really hope you feel that
 Jul 2014 Adriean New
 Jul 2014 Adriean New
 Jul 2014 Adriean New
When you fall asleep I will still kiss your upper back.  This does not take place in hope that you will wake up, I want my kiss to seep into your nerve endings and find myself in your dreams. Dripping my kiss into every ounce of your future.
A poem I want to work more on in the future.

— The End —