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1.6k · Jan 2018
Me and the Moon
AR Jan 2018
I spoke to the moon and she spoke to me,
She complained about the sun as i complained about u,
She complained of their differences him being gold her being grey,
I too complained about me and u how i tried to be red when you were always blue,
And just like me and u they never saw each other too,
She said he was always late and he left a little bit early too,
Darling don't u see the story of the sun and the moon is the story of me and u.
498 · Feb 2018
AR Feb 2018
I am a rogue planet,
I lost my orbit and all i do is wonder in space,
I would have revolved around you,
My love my heavenly body,
If only u'd open up ur arms,
If u'd let me spin around you,
But I'd melt if i came close,
Be blinded if i tried to stare,
So like the rest of these stars,
I'll try spinning around you from a distance,
And steal a glance every chance i get.
300 · Jan 2018
Wandering Heart❤
AR Jan 2018
I loved her with every inch of me,
I think its why my heart left when she did,
It tried seeking refuge even in the darkest corners of her mind,
I watched it shatter i watched it break,
But it never gave up not once stopped loving you,
Even when u sent it packing making space to all those that never stayed,
I finally watched it stop beating when i was no longer in your prayers,
When it tried coming home and someone was already there.
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280 · Apr 2018
AR Apr 2018
Last night,all alone,
Outside talking to the beautiful moon,
I told her about you,
the way u driving me insane.

She said darling if i may i wasnt creeping,
But I watched her sleeping,
Watched her breathing,
And i should say i know why u thinking that way.

I couldn't hold it so i told her,
In my head,its so crowded,
With thoughts of you,
I try to, dont know how to get u off my head.

I saw the moon glowing,
And with a smile she asked me,
Do u really want her off ur head??,
For once its crowded with something other than pain.

Its true i know for once its not just me and my ghosts,
Its suddenly warm in there,
More pleasing that i love to go on and visit,
But i would love to have her in my arms not just in my head.
220 · Jan 2018
AR Jan 2018
If i had to pick between forever or ur hand to hold,
If i was to pick to travel around the globe or just lay cozy in your arms,
And if i was promised castles made of arabian decor or just your smile,
Darling come rain come sunshine come snow,
I'll pick u over anything anyday,
Eternity doesn't mean a thing without ur hand to hold,
I'd rather have your lips dancing on mine than dancing alone to the frenchman tunes.
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173 · Jan 2018
who broke who,
AR Jan 2018
Who broke who,
I with my never ending silence,
Or you with your immense amount of jealousy,
So love who broke who,
Me who gave up fighting for us,
Or you who left with your heart frozen in ice,
Darling who broke who for i sit under the stars in hopes the wind brings you back to me.
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— The End —