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letters to basil Apr 2021
dear basil,

happy easter :))
just one more year
dealing with your parent's
religious *******

don't get too mad
it's like that hypnosis said
"if it is anything negative
you will physically and emotionally feel nothing
it will be like watching a movie
and if it is effecting you in this life
you will be able to see it, and let it go"

of course, he was talking about
past life regression

but this is really just a past life waiting to happen

important note!! i don't hate religion or religious ppl, you guys can be great :)) however, my parents are a little,,, stricter abt it and it's caused a lot of tension uwu

but happy easter !! have fun and don't stay mad <3
also water **

AR Jan 2018
If i had to pick between forever or ur hand to hold,
If i was to pick to travel around the globe or just lay cozy in your arms,
And if i was promised castles made of arabian decor or just your smile,
Darling come rain come sunshine come snow,
I'll pick u over anything anyday,
Eternity doesn't mean a thing without ur hand to hold,
I'd rather have your lips dancing on mine than dancing alone to the frenchman tunes.
Any comments??

— The End —