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Abhijit Patil Apr 2018
I went to places searching,
to find me some peace.
And the wise men said, don't you know?
It's in you, inside you, you dunce.
I said, but, with the dance
of the beast inside,
How do you find peace inside?

Where is the peace?
Is it at the end of this race?
Days are long. Yet life seems done.
Or will there be some when we are ghosts
of who we thought we were?

Where is the peace?
Just give me one piece.
Or is it when breath ceases,
only to become air?

Where is the peace?
Except in two places..
in the womb we came from,
Or the tomb we go to?

I wish I had one wish.
I'd wish for water to catch fire.
Then all we'd need is one rain,
to drench the world.
And then we burn this world.
We could hope for peace then
for our children to find,
in the ashes.
Abhijit Patil Apr 2017
Here I lay, my lord,
The night so dark.
Darker is our soul,
So easy to lose it whole.

I pray'd to you, my lord,
make me all that I am not;
Been chasing rainbows
from the womb to the tomb.
Yet there it was, bliss,
in the dew drops at my feet,
Only if I'd look away from the abyss.

I pray'd to you my lord,
For power, pleasure and ecstasy
but the prayers they were empty.
And all in store for us, the pain,
Please lord, take it away, the pain,
like the first monsoon rain.

We are still praying to you, lord
You've given a long rope, of hope
So fallen we are, We tied it to a noose;
On the hanging tree of sins
Our need is greed, and that we breed.
Soul laid to rust with all the lust.
Fanning the flames of hell so high,
I am sorry, lord, your halo's on fire.

And yet, still to you, lord, we pray,
Inside of us, the soul of Dorian Gray.
And as I close my eyes to sleep;
I now pray for you, my lord,
That if we die before we wake;
There's a soul down here left for you to take.

-Abhijit Patil
Abhijit Patil Jan 2017
Whats become of the creed, my brother?
People filling their coffers
with so much ***** coin
And filling their head
with empty irrationalities;
A temple of gold is no buidling
to atone their sins.
Oh why Oh why, cant they see
the cobwebs of dogma gathered
in their temple over the ages.
How do I see all this, my brother?
and they dont.
None of this was to be,
Not in the book that they swear on.
So lets stop waiting now,
No more prophets are coming now.
It is time, lets bring this diseased
temple of theirs down on them.
It is time, my brother,
for the gods to die now.
They need some new ones now
We build a promised land now
From the ruins of the old now.
Abhijit Patil Jul 2016
Ii see dreams
yes like you
i see dreams
my best dreams
seen with open eyes
while i drink raindrops
from the skies

But you say what of dreams
they are just dreams
like gleaming streams
fleeting that each one seems

You dream of things
that others possess
but you forget,
your dream
somebody's nightmare
your nightmare
somebody's reality.

Of all those dreams
lost and forgotten
impossible and improbable
hold on to the one
the one that keeps you awake
the one that's inevitable

you say i am a dreamer
deep down, you know
you're one too
come on friend, lets dream
together we make it real
Abhijit Patil Jun 2016
Day Breaks,
Night falls;
Tumbling through life.
Rhyme and reason,
nowhere on the horizon.
Felt you would take it on
Unravel a great mystery,
But all its become,
A ritual misery.
And as each day ends,
Inadequate reality dawns.
that all that it is,
****** by fate,
dogged by dogma,
designed by destiny.
But through the darkness
a glimmer that hope shows,
Again you hang on to it, cling to it.
A new day is coming, it says,
But fooled are we, as together with it
does it bring again,
the old hope's betrayal.
Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man.
- Friedrich Nietzsche
Abhijit Patil Jun 2016
I thank you lord, good god

for you made us; but we made this thing

This thing called religion.

Designed to divide your creation

False prophets claim your name,

we fight, do their bidding

But dragged in the dust, your name.

Are you there lord? Or you left us?

Defenders of religion, you all enemies of reason.

We build temples, of gold and silver

But do you forget.. he expects much less?

You think this is the good god's fight?

But your ignorance, darker than the night.

Aren't you ashamed?

for you have shamed your maker.

I am a lunatic, when I am poetic

But lend me your ears,

You who call yourself believers

I am a beacon of sanity;

in this endless sea of insanity
Abhijit Patil Jun 2016
In deep forests a devil lurks;

The depths of your mind, find the urge.

doing what everyone does,

Isn't there a joy, bigger than money's worth?

Go do what you always dreamt of

cut loose from society's shackles;

Scared of heights you might scale?

Betraying yourself, you're your own judas

mediocrity, the bane of your existence.

Listen to your bringers, listen to your maker,

listen when, to yourself?

Take the road less travelled by,

ain't no grass to be found on a beaten path

So go unleash your devil, dance with it

No more half measures,

Every inch yours, take it.
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