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abbey Nov 2019
my sky isn’t blue,
my soul is.
my sky is all kinds of madness visible to the naked eye,
my sky is violet & pink,
yellow & green,
being this sad,
this mentally mad,
it does stink.

my world isn’t calm,
it’s got waves & waves of uncertainty & quite beautiful storms.
i wish to wake & believe that somewhere within this mess, i am beauty,
my heart isn’t strong enough to have faith in that yet.

my sky isn’t grey,
my heart is.
  Nov 2019 abbey
Ava May
He had fire at his fingertips
so when he grabbed at my waist
abbey Oct 2019
i loved u at my worst.
hospital bed,
not even allowed to eat.
u were all i needed to feel good.
u couldn’t bare to see me that ugly.
u didn’t want me when we couldn’t see each other.
nonetheless, i loved u.
i loved u when u had nothing to give,
when i couldn’t even walk on my own two feet.
u didn’t even love me all dressed up,
u didn’t even love me with my clothes off.
u weren’t decent enough to pretend u loved me,
even at my worst.
  Sep 2019 abbey
our demons,
they don't play well together
  Sep 2019 abbey
Luna Maria
It’s where we smoked our cigarettes
because we were already living for way too long
but we never jumped of the roof

we only let the smoke
burn our lungs from inside out
and wanted death to come closer slowly.
two fallen angels on a rooftop
abbey Sep 2019
although it doesn’t hurt quite like it used to,
i still feel u when i close my eyes.
  Sep 2019 abbey
You held the paper
between you lips
and inhaled

I've never
Been so jealous
Of a cigarette
It should have been me
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