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a gale Aug 2014
I wrote about you
And I wrote about you
And I wrote about you

But things have changed
And all those pages I filled
I’ve ripped out
Hoping, maybe
If I rip these pages
I’d be able to rip
You out of my life

*a. gale
a gale Aug 2014
It’s sad
because she wore a white dress
as she said goodbye to him
letting him go, finally.
When she should’ve worn
a white dress
as she was walking down the aisle
already practicing her I do.
It’s sad
because she paired it
with tears
that carried her crystalline pain
when she should’ve paired it
with her biggest smile
carrying her most genuine happiness
It’s sad
because she was ready
with her “I do”
But not with her
It’s just sad
because he could’ve said
his I do
But now,
he couldn’t even whisper
his goodbye.
He didn’t see her
in her white dress
and he was gone
before the happiest day
of their lives
before the day
he’s been waiting for
all his life.
It’s sad
that he’s gone forever
while she’s in her white dress
with the smallest hope
that this was only a dream.
And it’s simply tragic
that their story ended
before they even began
a new beginning.
That her white dress
is the closest thing
to what could’ve been.

*a. gale
I actually had this idea as a story, not a poem. But I was too lazy to even write a short story.
a gale Aug 2014
You taught me about the sky
About all those stars
And the moon

You taught me how to dance
Without a care in the world
To sing bravely off-tune
To smile with no trace of doubt

You taught me the darkest of blacks
To the brightest of whites
The in-betweens of everything

You taught me so much
But never did you teach me
How to get over you

*a. gale
a gale Aug 2014
How can a girl like me?
Who forgets
To do her homework
Wash the dishes
Bring what’s needed
Find it so **** hard
To forget about you?

How can a girl like me
Who gets easily lost
In road maps
Poetry & stories
Grocery stores
Always find her way
Back to you?

How can a girl like me
Who gets over
Her failed tests
Wasted money
Lost phone
Still not over you?

How can a girl like me
Who always seemed smart
Be stupid enough
To think I have a chance
With you?

*a. gale
a gale Aug 2014
There was a boy
And there was a girl
Who both fell in love
With each other
Who both never knew

Years has passed
When they cross paths
She was with someone else
Who she gave a look
So familiar to him

When he realized
He wanted to tell her
He felt the same
But he saw her smile
And that’s how he knew
He was just too late

*a. gale
a gale Aug 2014
you said,
"is a too scary word.
Maybe we could
just say
'til we meet again."

"But when is that?"
I asked

"Maybe weeks,
years later.
Maybe even never."

So here I wait
'til we meet again

Here I wait
for weeks,

Here I wait
for something that's
maybe never*
going to happen
  Aug 2014 a gale
Gaby Comprés
if i knew how to play
the guitar i would
write the sappiest love
songs for you
but sadly, darling, i am
musically impaired

if i knew how to paint
i would color
the most glorious sunsets
just for you
but sadly, darling, i am
artistically limited

if i knew how to sew
i would patch up
the torn seams
of your heart
but sadly, darling, i have no
idea how to use a needle

if i knew how to cook
i would make your
favorite desserts
to sweeten up your day
but sadly, darling, my
only specialty is burnt eggs

oh darling,
i am not good at many
things but if there is
one thing that i
can do well, oh my darling,
that is loving you.
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