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Aug 2014
One day, you'll meet someone
but not just anyone
Someone who brings you to your knees
Who will make you fall hard
Only realizing then
why it never worked out with anyone else
Someone amazing
who will make you take all the risks
because you know it's worth it
She's worth it.
And that's the person you'll know completely.
Seen her best parts
amazed by the way she is.
Seen her worst parts
But not being able to leave her
Even when she's being a *****.
One day you'll meet someone
who you'll love unlike anything else
who you'll fall for unlike the other times.
Someday, you're gonna fall in love
and never fall out of love.
One day, you're gonna fall in love
with that one person
with the right one.
But until then,
I'll be waiting here
Wasting my wishes
on shooting stars, eyelashes, dandelions,
11:11's, and wishing wells
Hoping that I would be that girl for you
as you are that boy for me.

*a. gale
a gale
Written by
a gale  Philippines
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