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Kanna: the tamil equivalent of the words baby/ sayang/ honey/ bunny/ sugarplum/ puffy yummy yum.

There is nothing sweeter than calling a loved one Kanna— the god of love, another name for Krishna.

Krishna's love encompasses the entire spectrum of this beautiful feeling – love for his foster mother Yashoda, for his brother Balaram, love for gopis and for Radha.

Imagine meeting someone so wholesome you want to call them Kanna.

Kartinee Mageswaran
The search for sound ends in silence
The search for silence ends in wisdom
When I seek you, you dressed up in clouds
And disappeared forever

Unfair, Unfair, my good moon this is completely unfair..
Unfair, Unfair, my good night this is completely unfair..

I patiently waited to see the pearl in the clam
I patiently waited to smell the new bud blossom into a flower
Even before I could taste the nectar,
You withered and fell on the land
not my own work, this is translated from a Tamil song, "nallai allai". It was a beautiful write so I had to share it here

— The End —