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Viany Mar 2018
Lay beside me, while I trace on your bare sand with my finger tips
Viany Mar 2018
Like a leech..
You’ve held on
To my ****** heart,
And ****** the love
Right out of me
  Mar 2018 Viany
God. How am I still not okay?

God. It's been so long.

God. I'm so tired of life right now.

God. What happened to me?

I was such a nice kid.
I was calm all the time.
Mature for my age,
Little but so lively.

I was so helpful.
So loyal.
I always supported my trust.
But I never really spoke my mind.

I was shy.
I was small.
I never stood up for my feelings
I never stood up for myself.

And now I'm older.
I realize I don't need support.
I need myself.
I need confidence.

Speaking your mind is not wrong.
Standing up for your feelings isn't rude.
Standing up for yourself isn't mean.
Saying what you feel doesn't make you imperfect.

No one's perfect. Not even them.
The ones you hate for being so amazing.
Maybe she has anxiety.
Maybe his mom is alcoholic.

No one has a perfect life.
There's not one perfect family in the world.
There is not a person in the world who's perfect.
There's not a person who doesn't have one bit of strife.

But just because you aren't perfect.
Doesn't make you less worth it.
You're amazing.
You're still charming, kind, and strong.

You're just more experienced.
You just understand some more things now.

And maybe, just maybe,
You just aren't as shy anymore.
I'm not perfect. But I'm not shy anymore either.
  Mar 2018 Viany
Peter Balkus
Love isn't blind,
blind are those,
who never loved.
Viany Mar 2018
I smell spring around the corner...but here you are with your winter chillls that leaves me numb..I’m so tired of feeling nothing..when all I crave is warmth. When’s my next season of love?
  Dec 2017 Viany
i will not



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to make someone else

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