CAM 5d
Those thoughts fill my head
Not always when I'm laying in bed.
They overwhelm my mind,
Make rationality much too hard to find.

I can't stop rambling,
And they don't interrupt me.
They've already tried scrambling,
To help me, you see.

They've become adjusted to the fact that they can't.
The fact that they can't do anything.
They've tried hard and become frantic,
They've tried nearly everything.

But then he's there and they disappear.
All my thoughts fade to his voice.
I listen and my rationality reappears
He was always the only choice.

But now he's gone.
He doesn't say my name anymore.
It hasn't even been very long.
But those thoughts were the waves,
And he was the shore.
CAM Nov 30
I don't repeat things consistently.

I don't repeat things consistently

I don't repeat things

I don't repeat

I don't

Unless they're important

Nothing can be important anymore
CAM Nov 30
You look me in the eyes and ask why not
But I wonder why

You ask me how I know,
But I wonder why I wouldn't.

You ask me why I'm me
I wonder why I wouldn't be.
CAM Nov 6
If you keep telling me to be quieter,
  Maybe I’ll stop talking.

     If you keep telling me you can’t hear me,
     Maybe I’ll finally yell.

        If you keep telling me I’m being dramatic,
        Maybe I’ll stop telling you things.

           If you keep telling me I’m fine,
           Maybe I’ll show you I’m not.

              If you keep telling me I’m confused,
              Maybe I’ll figure it out.

                 If you keep telling me I’m ******,
                 Maybe I’ll be smart enough to leave.

                 Maybe I’ll be smart,
                 If you stop telling me I’m ******.

               Maybe I’ll figure things out,
               If you stop telling me I’m confused.

            Maybe I’ll be fine,
            If you stop telling me I am when I’m not.

          Maybe I’ll tell you things,
          If you stop telling me I’m dramatic.

        Maybe I’ll stop yelling,
        If you stop telling me you can’t hear me.

      Maybe I’ll keep talking,
      If you stop telling me to be quiet.
CAM Nov 5
She was your water,
But I could see the salt.

She was your heartbeat,
But I'd spilled the blood.

She was your siren,
But I was the shipmate.

She was your song,
But I knew all the words.

She was your heaven,
But I'd faced the ****.

She was your star,
But I could feel the heat.

She was the moon,
And I was Mercury.

I was always closer,
But she always felt the light.

I was your best friend,
But she was yours.
CAM Nov 1
The girl sat on her floor with tears,
Water that flooded her vision,
And made her reality blur.

The colors swirled around her,
But she knew she still sat on the bedroom floor.

The tears made the clothes take his form,
Made the carpet flatten under him,
Made the paint on the walls show his fingerprints.

The blankets on the bed had him under them again
The books on the shelves were in his hands
The stories inside them were written in his voice

He leaned against the wall in her tears.
He sat on the floor playing board games with her,
And the legos strewn around built things from his mind.

Instead the stuffed dinosaur on his pillow cries in his absence,
Pillows on the floor couldn't make forts on their own.
The alarm clock didn't have reason to make a sound anymore.

In the water,
He sat across from her.
As her tears dried,
She just wanted her best friend back.
CAM Oct 30
I'm always filled with rage toward people telling me to change.

Maybe it's because as much as I hate myself,

I wouldn't rather be anyone else.
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