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CAM Oct 7
*               *           *                   *                     *      
        *          *      It seems like the stars glow brighter    *           *        
*                                                      ­                              
           *    *            When I'm sitting next to you               *             *    
             *                                            ­                        *        *        
   *      *  But waiting for you seems like counting the stars          
                      *                         ­                                  *                 *
       *          *            Pointless and lengthy                     *            *
                    *                  *          ­          *               *              
CAM Oct 4
I could get a 33 on my ACT
I could have a 4.032 GPA
I could be valedictorian of my 200 person class
But I'd probably still be dumb around you
Idk how to describe this but like I  <3  you
CAM Aug 27
Pt. 1: Boys are frustrating
Pt. 2: I'm bad at ring tosses
Pt. 3: Cute boys make me more nervous than cute girls do
Pt. 3 Pt. 2: Cute girls make me nervous too
Pt. 4: Learning new things is hard but fun
Pt. 5: It is possible to be addicted to coffee creamer
Pt. 6: Don't be ashamed if your "type" changes. It's allowed to.
Pt. 7: If someone asks you out, don't make it weird. Especially if you're friends. It'll make it worse.
Pt. 8: If you don't like someone, don't say yes when they ask you out even if they offer to take you to olive garden.
Pt. 9: If someone brings out a happier version of yourself, a non-fake happy version of yourself, spend time with them. Especially if it's mutual.
Pt. 10: Time heals some things, but not everything, and even with time, you won't forget.
Pt. 11:  People can change a lot over a year.
Pt. 12: Friends that will stay up late with you and pause their games to look at your memes (even if they aren't that funny) are the best ones.
Pt. 13: Don't get attached too quickly. People leave and people live far away and people change.
Pt. 14: Sometimes people aren't as great as your mind makes them out to be, but sometimes people are a lot worse than your mind makes them out to be.
Pt. 1; pt 2: Boys aren't always frustrating. Sometimes you just are.
Pt. 15: Having long-distance friends is hard, but at least when you graduate they won't disappear along with your other friends.
Pt. 16: Everyone is insecure. No one believes in perfection.
Pt. 17: Everyone has something going on with them. You have to treat everyone with kindness or you'll get nowhere.
Pt.18: Some people **** regardless of how nice you are to them.
Pt. 19: Sometimes even your favorite people will disappoint you. Don't hang onto it too much it'll just make it hurt worse.
Pt. 20: If you're good at being happy, life will make it so you aren't happy.
CAM Apr 24
Love is waking up and having the first person you think of being them.
Love is the person whose happiness you wish for at 11:11.
Love is the way you look at them and smile
Love is being more comfortable with someone than without them.

But sometimes love is none of those things.

Most times it isn’t love at first sight, it takes time.
Sometimes it’s someone you don’t want to fall in love with.
Sometimes it is.
Sometimes it’s the person you least expect it to be.
Sometimes it surprises you.

Love isn’t out of the blue,
And it usually doesn’t happen right away.
It could be an instant connection, but trust takes time to build.
Love takes effort.
You have to give all you have into it.

Sometimes you won’t get anything back.
CAM Mar 21
Maybe that silence seems awkward.
Maybe it's not.

Maybe it's just empty space.
Maybe it's devoid of everything that could fill it.

Maybe it's just lacking sound.
Maybe the wanting to speak is still there.

Silence isn't always empty space.
CAM Mar 20
I like who I am with you.

I like to laugh.

And I like your laugh.

I like being nerdy.

And I like how nerdy you are.

I like being happier

And I like seeing you happy.

I like being myself.

And I really like you.
CAM Feb 7
Every time I try,
I get this feeling in my stomach.
Some say they're butterflies.

But if you would call them butterflies,
They must be malicious ones,
Swarming and making me feel sick.

They're trying to **** me,
Sometimes I think.
Maybe it's for the best.

Maybe the butterflies are right,
And I should stop trying
But I hope they aren't.

The sweetest butterflies,
The ones that flutter and glitter,
They come when I'm around you.
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