Isn't it ironic how
You looked at me like I was one of a kind,
And in that moment I knew we were the same?
Fingers are ******* together,
Stomach is tied in knots.
No moment is forever,
But this one is worth a shot.
Take my hand

Wave goodbye to all your fears.
Kiss goodnight to every single wasted tear.
Just stay here close,
All that matters is in front of us.
It's time to decide,
Are we more than meets the eye?
Pete King Jan 6
The winter sky saluted me,
As I let my mind rest into daydream.
A brief moment of beautiful pause
To create faces in the clouds.

It was then that I realised
That just the sight of your face,
Soothed all the burns upon my skin
From all the time I've tried to cleanse myself
With the isolation that so often erodes me.

The air was cold, my lips were blue;
But still, I couldn't fault the view.
Pete King Dec 2018
Smooth down the next clean page
As you bid this chapter farewell.
The story of life isn't easy to write,
But there's still so much left to tell.

So, take a breath for composure,
And spend every moment this year
Creating a tale to leave readers in awe
And your grandkids bored-to-tears.
Happy New Year! Huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read any of the stuff that I've made over the last year.
Pete King Dec 2018
I stopped striving for the perfect year,
Because my concept of "perfection" was flawed.
I was chasing a scenario in which,
I could go a full rotation of the sun
without anything going astray,
All my dreams being fulfilled.

This search for perfection,
Was like looking at a window,
And being annoyed because
All I could see was a sheet of glass.

But, I decided to alter my desires;
Try to live single year in hopes of good autobiography.

To say yes more often.
And say no when needed.
To relish in successes.
And learn from mistakes.
To love without exception.
And to be kind without expectation.
To revel in every single wonderful moment as they come,
And not letting their fleeting nature feed the bitter parts of me.

Don't chase the perfect year.
Chase an amazing story.
Leave readers captivated.
And your grandkids bored-to-death.
Pete King Dec 2018
You took my eyes.
Attached them to a line
Straight in-front of your face.
So it doesn't matter where I look,
Or what I'm trying to do,
All I can ever see is your ******* face.

You took my gravity.
I dropped from the sky
At the bottom was a mattress
Crafted from the finest memory foam.
Sheets already covered in your hairs,
Pillows already smelling of your perfume.

You took my heart.
Which may sound quite romantic,
But I'm talking several broken ribs,
I'm talking a gaping hole in my chest
That anyone at all could look into
And see the weirdest depths of my soul.
Pete King Dec 2018
I've always seen things like a child;
I see a flickering candle as fireworks.
I see fairy lights as a hundred stars of my own.
And when I saw you,
I saw you as the explosion in my life
that I never knew I needed.

But, as Shakespeare found out,
There's always a rub.

I see a light shower as a blizzard.
I see ice on the road as a ten car pile-up.
I see falling as dropping from the clouds
At ten-million miles per hour
Wind burning my skin Burgundy
Before hitting cold, unforgiving asphalt.

The point is,
I'm not blinded by naivety,
Although I've held it to my chest for so long
To form the super-group called "Ignorance is bliss".
My vision is just blurred.
I see the world as rose-tinted.

But, perhaps I see it that way,
Because what's the alternative?

To answer that:
The alternative, is to face reality;
I know that this isn't how love works.
I know that's it's imperfect.
But, the reality is also that it's nice to believe
That just this once I deserve it.
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