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Twinkling often
In lonely eyes
Flooding down
The crimson cheeks
Expressing sorrows
Washing away
All happiness
That ever was...

                   Some that
                   Do not show
                   Stay back
                   In Saddened Hearts
                   Hiding behind
                   Painful smiles
                   Drowning one
                   In one's grief
                   Forever &

                                     Of tender
                                     Caring heart
                                     Bearing pain
                                     In silence
                                     True friend
                                     Like none other
                                     The Broken heart...

-Shashank Ramdurg
Failure is what
I think of my life
I see no happiness
Only path of strife…..

Everything seems to be lost
In the darkness of night
Road’s not visible
Destiny out of sight…..

Tired and weary
Of walking on path of thorns
Wind’s blowing hard
I’m lost in the storm…..

Death seems dearer
To put an end to my sorrows
Want to sleep forever
Not live to see another tomorrow…..
Love was,
I thought
Being in the middle of serene nature…
During the pleasant months of spring
The gentle streams gushing
Over the tumbling pebbles
The voice of which
Echo- Deep in  the silence of eternity…
The chirping birds
Singing the tune of happiness
Of joy, Of Love…
The fluttering leaves
Dance in bliss
Warming the hearts
Of whatsoever they touch
And gently kiss…
Morning Sun
Sparkling the honey dew drops
On the rosy petals
Like twinkling stars
In endless skies…
The enchanting woods
The gentle breeze
Spreading the fragrance of flowers
Of love, To far and beyond…
Love is
-Also I know
Being with you
In the heart of this nature
Feeling it’s colors
Listening to the songs
Forgetting myself in your  arms
Wondering dreamily
Beauty could’nt be
More beautiful than you, My Love….
Ran so fast
To catch his train
The wind was swift
He knew no restrain
But tripped on the way
And fell on his knees
All efforts were in vain
As he missed his train...
Destiny had to have it's way...

Fought the battle
With all his might
Victory was near
All ran in fright
Stuck down by an arrow
A friend his own
He won the battle
But died with a moan...
Destiny had to have it's way...

Worked very hard
Without any rest
Made up his mind
To give his best
Health failed him
On the day of his test
Knew in his heart
Lost despite a steady start...
Yes, Destiny had to have it's way...

We work very hard
Often fail to pray
We give our test
Can just hope for best
Life is a journey
Destiny, we don't have a say
Should humbly accept
What comes our way...
For Destiny will always have it's way...
What feels nice,
Need not always be right,
Life's dark and grey,
Often colors that are not so bright...
Words, but what are jargon
Find meaning in a silent heart,
Sadness sets them free,
From illusions and trickery,
And so it comes, as poetry...

In the eyes of every being,
Be it a beggar, be it a king,
Lie seas of expectations,
Of untold dreams...
In their hearts-they seep,
They haunt their thoughts,
And not let's them sleep...

Expectations from a new tomorrow,
Shadowing today's sorrow,
They search endlessly,
In dreams, for glittering stars...
Like them I sleep tonight,
Eyes, are but wide open,
With one such vision, an untold dream...

But alas,
At the end of sleepless night,
By dawn of the morning,
A tear trickles down my face,
The dream but ebbs away,
In the morning mist,
And so my vision fades...

A twinkle appears in my teary eyes,
Faint smile creeps yet again...
As I make it through,
Another days game,
A hope kindles yet again...
May be,
Tomorrow will not be the same...

— The End —