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Writing wishful words wont make it so.
Where was your mind when we would talk?
I would wonder through waters of weakness.
Going through withdrawals from being without you.
From that one moment you would always be where my heart was.
Even when I know I wont be who you wish I was.
Meh. :/
Blood stains—it taunts as well—
Sings Our Tale—of long farewell—
Inspires art—brings Us to hell—
Blade in hand—We understand—Death's plan—

Dark scythe sweeps across head—
Takes me Under the Ground—
Words unsaid—live forever—Deafening Sound—
Sweeps across this barren town—
I tried writing in the style of Emily Dickinson. :) Not that good, but alas, I tried.
I will go looking for the devil tonight.
I will take comfort in his arms
And he doesnt even have to use his charms.
As I look into his ocean eyes, I will cut all ties.
Anything to make me forget your lies.
I will walk straight into my demise.
This dance has gone on too long.
Even when I try, I am wrong.
Its like trying to avoid the mines in my mind.
Finally finished.

Everyday I write pages and pages of

LOVE letters, poems, quotes for you

I pour out my heart to you

I start my day by seeing your photo

Wishing you good morning

Talking with you,

Scolding you for not being with me

Asking you to be with me

I lose you with every thought

That's why such longing for you

I play your song list again and again

So much that my family calls me insane
 Nov 2015 Silent Starfish
 Nov 2015 Silent Starfish
I'm a admire of art
loving you
was my masterpiece.
The brush strokes
I couldn't
a beautiful picture.
feedback is greatly appreciated. thank you
As I look to the sky I see the moon
I close my eyes, dreaming to see you soon

I glance away from the dark night sky
To spark my pipe and feel the high

I enjoyed the time we had
Until you left when I was mad

As I dream I exhale the smoke
Wishing my heart was yet to be broke
I fear that one day you will see me the way I see myself
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