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Detached Dreamer Jul 2017
Her words were sweet melancholy
Detached Dreamer Sep 2016
She sealed her fate in a written word
Singing of a poets undying love
He laughed,
And ran his fingers across their blue-inked stories
Enjoying the gift of his beloved writer.
Detached Dreamer Sep 2016
I felt our hearts beat together in rapid unison.
Our hands,
his hot and mine cold
Wrapped together
Fingers interlinked
Woven tightly
As if we were afraid
Of coming undone.
Detached Dreamer Apr 2016
He says I am colourless and uncaring.
A fleeting passage, dog-eared and left upon the mounting dust of a bookshelf. He says he will re-visit me later. That he will always savour the taste of my words as they settle sweetly upon chapped lips. But when blood blossoms upon my torn pages and stories are lost beneath scarlet ink. Still, he does not come back to see me.
And maybe that's for the best
Detached Dreamer Apr 2016
I hope you are in my next life,
And the one after that
Because even when we are different beings,
With different names
And different features
You will always be my favourite soul.
  Apr 2016 Detached Dreamer
cracked china vase
seep through the crevices
glue it shut
glue it even tighter

pools of water
sink to the floor
sweep it back in
sweep or it's too late

roses laid strewn
spread in every direction
put them back in
For Gods Sake,
Put Them Back In
Detached Dreamer Apr 2016
My first country
shook with vigor
Collided with the thrashing sea
I stayed because it was all I knew
I stayed because it was home
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