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Apr 21 · 364
Keeping A Secret
Siyana Apr 21
Dirt Roads
Drunk Nights
Fast Cars
Mixed Feelings
I'm In Love...
Apr 20 · 631
Little Girls Like You...
Siyana Apr 20
“Little girls like you play dumb, but I know you’re not… You are just broken, waiting to be saved by a world that died a long time ago…”
Siyana Apr 14
The Boy That Every Girl Wanted

Fell In Love With A Girl That No One Wanted...

He Planted Roses Inside Her Heart...

But Her Roots Started To Feel Weak

So She Watered Them Down,

Until They Grew...

Into Thorns That Pricked Every Man Who Tried To Plant Their Own Seeds......

Now She Is A Woman With A Heart As Wild As An Untamed Garden....
Apr 14 · 730
Pretty Girl
Siyana Apr 14
They say I'm a pretty girl,

that I could have anybody...

yet my stubborn mind is stuck on you
Apr 2 · 276
The Overthinker
Siyana Apr 2
I unpack my baggage on cold, tile floors
where as a child I rested my head.
For the first time I admit to myself,
the truth is hard to swallow but it's what I've been hiding from...

I overthought everything there is to think about, and I realise I made you up in my head... I forgave you when I shouldn't, and now I realise, you are a stranger who never deserved my attention...
Apr 2 · 254
When Reality Hit...
Siyana Apr 2
When reality hit,
I realised that I truly am alone...
The subliminal tones of our love lost its appeal.
The alternate dimension where we existed was forgotten...
And everything that once made sense about us became confused...
I came to realise that we never even existed in this life... Our love was once held by dusty shelves that broke when the earth shook. And our names were never strung together... They were only mentioned when we were apart...

It was then that I came to realise... I never knew you... Only the version of you that I made up in my head... And that's okay... Sometimes it's better to fantasise than to face the truth... And the truth is that, you lie in bed with another, while I dream of you every night... And it's time I find myself someone too. The way you did...
Siyana Mar 7
I disrespected myself by adoring you,

especially after what you put me through...

There was no respect,

I was treated in a way

that made me feel inferior and insane...

Love was one-sided and that's okay,

I was young in a search for my other piece...

It never had anything to do with you...

at least I've learned my worth,

I deserve better than you...
Sep 2020 · 736
The Great Gatsby
Siyana Sep 2020
He spent his life crying Daisy, while she danced on his grave...
Jul 2020 · 537
Lost in reality...
Siyana Jul 2020
You made it into my dreams but I wonder if I have ever been in yours...
Jun 2020 · 430
Girls like her
Siyana Jun 2020
She's loud and outgoing,
nothing like me,
I sit in my bed
adoring quiet and peace.
Her dress is exotic,
like the boys she lets in...
I was afraid of boys,
fell only for him...
I'm this hybrid of happy and sad,
She's only ever happy,
emotional beings make her mad...
but you see the difference between girls like her and I
is that a girl like me doesn't need approval to get by in life...
I don't need filters, or hundreds of likes,
I just want to live to know a love that's always on my side...
Jun 2020 · 1.1k
Sasha's Eyes...
Siyana Jun 2020
Sasha, the girl with the blonde hair and blue eyes,
egocentric; it's her best disguise...
I already felt haunted,
so I let her feed me lies,
I wanted to be loved,
so I started to dream of...
Sasha's Eyes...
Apr 2020 · 385
Siyana Apr 2020
I'm occupied by my thoughts,
they drown me sometimes...
Do you know what it's like
to be afraid of your own mind?
I shut myself from the world,
In my bed, I hide...
I wish I could be like you,
unafraid, alive....
but that's not me at all,
I've been afraid all these years...
I wish I could escape it,
but it is what it is.......
Apr 2020 · 210
The Builder
Siyana Apr 2020
He built me a house with a bridge by a lake
and tore down the walls that kept me afraid...
windows and doors that let me see the sun,
as before he came along, I'd never felt such warmth...
with a flash of dust, he saw a hammer in my hand,
knocking everything down and as fast as I can...
Don't you see I'm destructive, I live for the pain....
Don't try to fix me, because I'll only break myself again...
Feb 2020 · 600
Bubble Wrapped..
Siyana Feb 2020
I'm fearful,
don't ask of what,
because I'm fearful of,

I'm bubble wrapped,
and if you bother asking why,
take a look outside...............
This poem is about the destruction that's currently happening on our planet, and how it feels to be afraid to live..
Oct 2019 · 466
As Far as I Run
Siyana Oct 2019
As far as I run,
as loud as I scream.
Even if I lose what I have,
I can't bring you back to me...
Sep 2019 · 2.3k
In a bathroom at a party...
Siyana Sep 2019
I'm in a bathroom at a party,
             why do i always lock myself away...
               I don't know how to have fun,
              so please don't depend at all on me...
                         I like my solitude
Sep 2019 · 2.4k
Siyana Sep 2019
I'm a stalker I can't lie,
I like to watch you all the time...
The way you placed your hands on me,
I won't forget, it's destiny..
I'm a stalker, I can't lie,
I watch the way you fold your tie,
I can't help the chemistry
I feel when you're next to me...

And all I need to know,
is, Do you feel it too?
And all I need to know
is, Will there ever be a me and you?
love happiness soul eyes strangers pain love joy
Sep 2019 · 1.9k
I miss you..
Siyana Sep 2019
My pride will never let me tell you, but I miss you so much.
You were my first real friend, my first real love..
The ocean blue that tainted your eyes,
it won't let me hear your muffled cries tonight..
I know you miss me too, i feel it sometimes..
The sharks and their large teeth didn't want us to swim by...
I do miss you, but what good would missing do...
for me, I just can't get over you...
Aug 2019 · 3.7k
Siyana Aug 2019
The warmth and softness of her lips,
I felt her sensuality, placed through her kiss...
The midnight conversations, the laughter, the fights.
Little did we know, what would happen tonight.
The rosary knocked itself to the floor,
Now your father is knocking on the door...
"Girls, are you ready for church?"
Her hands placed in mine, under my skirt.
"Not yet, we'll be fifteen minutes."
He leaves. She comes. Now I've felt healing.

— The End —