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Queen-Midas Jul 2020
appreciation post for my beloved and dearest father, who let me light scented candles whenever I felt like it.

my precious papa who loved dark chocolate only because his daughter loved it.

my darling daddy, whose quiet love I feel more deeply with every passing day.
Queen-Midas Aug 2017
One day, you and I,
We're going to learn to smile again.
One day, you and I,
We're going to learn to love again.
One day, you and I,
We're going to find a reason to live again.
Does that one day come for everyone?
Queen-Midas Aug 2017
After he left, the sun never returned.
Half my world lit, half in a shadow.
Queen-Midas Aug 2017
If the world keeps pulling me down,
Then should I just let myself drown?
Writing after a long time. Life hasn't gotten any better
Queen-Midas Feb 2017
I watched the ghosts of people walk around me,
Pieces of what they used to be,
Memories scattered around,
Hearts broken and stamped on in the crowd of the world.
I watched them slip away into the emptiness,
One by one as they turned,
And walked away, not once looking back,
As they faded into the twilight world of illusions.
I heard the echoes that day,
Of sounds that no longer existed,
Of love so rare that it seemed forbidden,
I looked up at the haunting night sky,
Street lights illuminating in the dark,
As a deathly hush fell over the entire city,
I drowned in the labyrinth of memories once again,
Surrounded by a mist of,
Shadows aching to be real once more.
Queen-Midas Nov 2016
In the end it was the tortured silence that led me to the asylum.
Demons were winning,
I had no power to fight,
They thought I was crazy,
“Send her to an asylum now.”
They’d all turn away as I walked down the hall,
And as soon as I left the whispers would start.
They’d look at my wrists no matter how swiftly I pulled down my sleeves,
And whenever anybody looked at me their eyes held accusations
Rumors, Jokes, Gossips,
Became the daily routine of stabs in my heart,
Sleeves grew longer, hair grew shorter,
Lies became the constant thing, and the truth faded away,
Leaving the constant hum of static.
Heart was broken, nobody cared,
My sobs grew softer as I buried my voice.
I was choking on my words,
And writing them down was the only option left,
One option, no choice.
The gossips grew louder,
It finally wore me down,
They said I felt guilty because I broke his heart,
But, they were all wrong,
He had broken my heart, so I had broken my soul,
The word ‘broken’ became overused.
My laugh became more hopeless than my sobs,
Knife in my hand, positioned at my chest,
My aching heart wasn’t hard to find,
Silence became louder, heart was bruised,
Crushed into pieces no superglue could fix,
Tell me, who’ll be kind enough to **** me now?
School *****. High school especially *****.
I’ve got a feeling tht this year time ain’t gonna do much healing.
Queen-Midas Nov 2016
One last cut,
For all the times I thought that
the girl behind the scrawled art, bruised heart and
the boy with the sad eyes, beautiful lies could have a
happy ending.
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