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Poetus May 22
An old woman watches
As two young people fall in love
The young lady blushes and swings
At the sweet words of her lover
The old lady blushes too
Muscle memory from 60 years ago
When she found love
The old lady skips a heart beat
Emotional memory from 60 years ago
When he first touched her hands
Ran out of ideas and touch. Invitation to continue.
Poetus Aug 2019
I have walked there sometimes

Beyond the forest and into the night

I have seen the world fall away

And the white light forever fill the air


Yet though the cold bites and the silence reigns there

Thought of your fiery eyes keeps me warm

And memories of your voice keep me company.

Poetus Jun 2019
My love is a bonfire kinda love,
and I only hew the best logs!
Poetus Jun 2019
Oh twinkle little star
I wondered what you were
So I grew up in a science class
Learnt you are a harmful burning gas

Oh baa baa black sheep, of many wool
Are you from wakanda too?
If yes sir - yes sir! Are they steel wool?

Oh humpty dumpty you sat on a wall
Humpty dumpty you had a great fall
But it wasn't your fault
You sat on China's great wall

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily,
Life is now a scream!
Poetus Jun 2019
My tongue was tied she took that as an adoration

My heart was beating quick she took that as a compliment

My hands shook when she touched them she called that attraction,

I said a lot of dumb things, she took them as flattery!
Poetus Jun 2019
I begged,

On bent knee, my palm gently kissing her hand.

If I needed to smith a sword she was my searing heat.

If I needed to craft a ship she was my impenetrable weld.

If I needed to fly she was the wind beneath my wings.

I had never been able to do anything without her.

Once again I beseeched her to lend herself to me.

Her dark brown eyes probed mine in keenness

Discerning the nobility of my plea, if to heed

If I am to set sail amidst the flooding waves of life

I’d need her as my anchor

If I am to brave the fog and the winter cold

I’d need her to radiate against my skin

If I am to fashion a generation of impeccable humans

I’d need only her to be.

Once again I entreated her to lend herself to me.

Her eyes came out of my deeps, sparkling with satisfaction

And a curve of her lips preceded the calm in her answer

I give myself to you!
Poetus Jun 2019
She had a beautiful smile.

It made a glow in the country darkness.

She was unconventional for a city girl.

She wanted to live in a village.

In the openness of a community.

Farm in the morning

And take a nap in the afternoon

Under a tree.

She didn’t like the buzz in the city

Nor the honk in traffic during rush hour.

She preferred the peace of the village

And the mooing of cows just before dusk.

She wanted a life there. In my village.

Wrapped in traditional fabric — leso

And traditional ornaments adorning

Her hair, her ears and her neck.

Her thirst quenched by River Nam’s cool waters.

She wanted all that but not for herself alone.

She wanted it with me.

I was a village boy in the city.

The city lights shone life into me.

The buzz in the streets kept me alive.

I wanted to live here.

Go to work in the morning

Meetup at the coffee house in the evening

Retreat to the gated community by nightfall.

I didn’t like the routine of the village

Nor the darkness when night came.

I felt neat under the suits

And accomplished wearing leather strap watches.

The ice cold bottled water always felt redeeming

And take out felt like living the dream.

I wanted a life here, with her by my side.

But I left it all for the village

— The End —