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Poetus Jan 16
She was beautiful when I looked at her
She became angelic when she opened her mouth to pray
And I revered her connection with God.
Poetus Nov 2020
He desired the toll of years on him to go unnoticed

He stayed from telling her for he feared

It would end what had began to swell up in his heart for her

Still she pressed on for the truth, it was important to her

She was important to him and so he gave way to her press

Vingt six, he said.

She walked away

His heart almost sunk

If it were not for her hand that tarried behind waiting for his

Her fingers opened up patient to lace together with his

A gesture he had long looked to its coming

An embrace deep into the soul.
Poetus Nov 2020
An overwhelmed heart bursts
Not with a splash of blood
But with a trickle of tears
Poetus Nov 2020
Love is not good on the brain,
Love is good on the heart.
Poetus Oct 2020
A King does not stray into a rival kingdom,
A King steps boldly into his enemies' domain
To wage war,
To destroy,
To claim,
To conquer,
But most importantly
To employ wisdom before mercy
Poetus May 2020
An old woman watches
As two young people fall in love
The young lady blushes and swings
At the sweet words of her lover
The old lady blushes too
Muscle memory from 60 years ago
When she found love
The old lady skips a heart beat
Emotional memory from 60 years ago
When he first touched her hands
Ran out of ideas and touch. Invitation to continue.
Poetus Aug 2019
I have walked there sometimes

Beyond the forest and into the night

I have seen the world fall away

And the white light forever fill the air


Yet though the cold bites and the silence reigns there

Thought of your fiery eyes keeps me warm

And memories of your voice keep me company.

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