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 Jun 2016 Pikachu
Tahirih Manoo
Fluttering blue butterfly
O so sweet!
Whipping your wings
sofly floating in the wind.
Bright green hummingbird
Speeding pass
directs you to nectar
from honeysuckle nearby
Ambrosia, absolutely.
The butterfly never forgets,
Memories last forever-
Since this butterfly is immortal.
Resplendent human hands
Clasping white water lily
Gently pouring clean light, brown soil
into petals' opening
A small handful of water mixed as well
Then off floats waterlily, set down gently
On large rectangular glossy river
Having no beginning , no end.
Clear sky, all light,
Enchanted, mesmerized, humbled!
Were butterfly's feelings
To see The Divine Being
Create human girl
In the Higher realm^
Butterfly felt the new unique presence
already born as a tiny spark
And heard a voice telling the Lily
'This is how you were made'
Watching it perfectly sail away.
Now here flies butterfly!
Into Earth 3D plane
And has felt the unique spark again.

4:47am Thursday, 26th, May, 2016.
 Jun 2016 Pikachu
Tahirih Manoo
Praise to the Supreme Being!

The source of all creations

The Evergreen Tree of Life

The Unfathomable Power

The Eternal Sunlight

The unconditional Love

The Holy Lamb , Calf,  Lion and Dove.

The Anonymous Leader whom no eyes see

The Forgiving Peak that never sleeps..

The Omnipotent form

The All knowing Body

The omnifarious Parent

Our Lord


Thank you for all you provide

I am forever your humble child.

I clasp my hands and close my eyes  

I say a prayer with Love.

3:37pm Mon-30-May-2016
So grateful for today!
 May 2016 Pikachu
Deedee Matins
It's funny

You eye an enemy
And see what?
Just a person you hate
Isn't that funny?

You don't recognize them as another
You hate from a distance or in their face
It's funny.

They may not even understand why.
To them you're a random person
Coming to them with anger and hate.

It's kind of funny...
They probable see you as the villain.
 Apr 2016 Pikachu
Tahirih Manoo
New year,

Old habits.

New lessons,

Old responses.

New steps,

Old path.

New rules,

Old rebellion.

New change is needed,

Old methods to be aborted.
12:43 am Wednesday 9th March, 2016
 Apr 2016 Pikachu
Tahirih Manoo
Just imagine...
Everyone has secrets taken to their graves..
no one knows someone entirely
There's just that something ....
a little different....
from what was said .
3:49 pm 7th April, 2016
 Apr 2016 Pikachu
 Apr 2016 Pikachu
You're afraid,
Afraid to be yourself,
You want to express yourself,
But you're afraid.
Don't be!
You are who you are,
You are able to show who you really are.
 Jan 2016 Pikachu
Tahirih Manoo
There aren't stars

              As there are reasons

                           For why I love you so.
For my soulmate ...a nameless face
1:36 pm Tuesday, 15th DEC, 2015
 Jan 2016 Pikachu
Tahirih Manoo
My hand brought up to salute forcefully

Even though I was about to willingly

Two seconds more

Would have been enough

Instead you blow your whistle!

And I'm charged with **disobedience

When all it was,


10:51pm Mon,23,November, 2015
 Dec 2015 Pikachu
He makes me happy
He makes me smile
He makes me laugh
Like no one else.
But I don't know
If I make him
Or Laugh
Like he does to me.
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