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Jun 2016 · 463
Pikachu Jun 2016
A very light green
Lots of different colors
In Fall it will fall
Apr 2016 · 434
Pikachu Apr 2016
Rain is so fresh, cold and cool,
it's like a falling swimming pool.
I love it's look, round and blue,
it does what no other weather can do.

It's peace full and calm,
like a nice and sweet song,
the sound of it's great,
rain I appreciate.

Why is rain here? Why was it made to be?
Why does it sound so peace full to me?
Why is it cold? Or sometimes warm?
Why is it light, or called a storm?

I don't know about you, but I love rain a lot.
Rain is so nice, rain I will have sought.
And if I like rain so much, so say it I may,
that I would have it rain, all night and day.
Jan 2016 · 452
New Years
Pikachu Jan 2016
Everyone celebrates on this wonder full day!
So happy and great is New Years I say.
This poem is short, 'cause I can not stay,
but New Years, how nice, is my birthday.
Happy New Years everyone! And yes, I know that this poem was made AFTER New Years.
Pikachu Nov 2015
I can't think of a poem to make,
I have no more ideas to bake.
My brain is jammed, it's just so stuck!
I think my poetry skills are running out of luck!

Oh no oh no oh no, gotta think of something quick.
If I think to much harder, I'm gonna be sick!
I can't give up, but I might have to soon,
If I sit here to long I might look like a goon!

Then, boosh! boom! An idea popped in!
I felt a tinkling feeling go up and down my skin!
I started to feel happy, and really great,
'cause this poem I'm pretty sure I won't hate!
Nov 2015 · 415
Pikachu Nov 2015
It's the feeling you get when...
you get blamed for doing something you didn't do.
innocent animals get killed by careless people.
you get pushed past your limits.
you get poked at nonstop
a friend gets bullied.
Sometimes you get inspired, and sometimes you get really inspired. This is a poem that I was really inspired to make.
Nov 2015 · 1.1k
Rubber Ducks
Pikachu Nov 2015
Ok, you can laugh, 'cause this might seem absurd,
it's weird and very crazy, yes, weird is what you heard,
I like to think they bring tons, and handfulls full of luck,
'cause I much want to collect every type of rubber duck!

From the original to the modern type,
from monster ducks to ducks that skype,
from ducks that are theives and like to rob,
to angel ducks that do their job.

There's so many to collect and buy,
to say I have them all would be a lie,
I'll tell you when I get six more,
but for now my number is ninety four!

Rubber ducks are cool and rubber ducks are great,
rubber ducks I appreciate!
To say my last line, I will not stall,
but to describe this poem, I have to say LOL!
Nov 2015 · 494
Hello Poetry
Pikachu Nov 2015
Hello Poetry Is a great place,
it's creator has no disgrace.
In it I have no fear,
to about me let other people hear.

About it a have a hunch,
even while I eat my lunch,
that it will make a huge hit,
like a dynamite candle that was lit.
Nov 2015 · 570
Pikachu Nov 2015
Blue looks like a nice cool pool on a hot summer day.
Blue tastes like a sour blueberry in my mouth.
Blue feels like nice cold rain on my whole body.
Blue sounds like an ocean wave crashing against the shore.
Blue smells like a blue rasberry slushy at a fair.
Nov 2015 · 377
Pikachu Nov 2015
When I'm depressed, they're always there.
When I'm happy, they join me like they don't care.
When I'm angry, they give me my space.
When I'm scared, my dog will lick my face

I have my Sister, my dog, my dad and my mom.
They love me and keep me calm.
'Cause all you need is food, water, and love,
and then your set, your not down, but above.
Oct 2015 · 492
Kids' Shows
Pikachu Oct 2015
It always seems to puzzle me why people make fun of these,
and make all these tiny toddlers cry so much that they wheeze,
why people are such bullies to make themselves feel great,
'cause technically they're saying that it's a show for their age they hate.
If it was made for your age, and you don't like it because it's really bad in the first place, then, and only then, you have a right to make fun of it.
Oct 2015 · 535
Pikachu Oct 2015
Laughing, Smiling
Caring, Loving, Fun
Always there for you
Oct 2015 · 1.2k
Hump Day
Pikachu Oct 2015
**** Day is the very best day of the week,
at least, if fun is what you seek.
It's the day where camels come out to play,
so let's all give a cheer for **** day!

But there is one evil that lurks within.
It smells alot worse than a trash bin.
It is a day where everything is gray,
it is called Over the **** Day!

Wendsday, ah Wendsday, the nick name of humps,
you make us not feel not at all in the lumps.
But Thursday, the nick of the core of all evil'll,
destroy you and claw you and eat you yes he will.

So let's all give a cheer for **** Day, why not,
even if it's on the day that we hate alot!
**** Day is great, and that's just so true,
so join the fun on **** Day, if I can do it, so can you!
Hey Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike, what day is it mike?
It's **** DAY! WOOP WOOP!
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
Pikachu Oct 2015
Yellow and furry and super cute too,
I like ketchup on fries or in stew,
Have you geussed hwo I am? I'm Pikachu!
You know hwo's gonna like this poem?Pika you!
Oct 2015 · 1.8k
Pikachu Oct 2015
Why do people swear?
Why do they do it here and there?
It just doesn't make sense,
it just makes me so tense,
it's like one ginormous nightmare.
I hope some people that need it learn a lesson from this poem...
Oct 2015 · 620
The Creeper
Pikachu Oct 2015
At night I see a creature that is green.
Is it good? Is it evil? Is it nice? Is it mean?
Maybe I'll take a look, but am I walking toward my doom?
My question is answered by a big bad boom.
Just so you know, if you have no idea what this means, a creeper is a mob from Minecraft, the game.

— The End —