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Traumeria Jan 2018
You can do this!
I believe in you!
Don't stop now!
Haha I'd say *******, too!

Why listen to myself,
If I can listen to them.
Their words of encouragement
Is my national anthem.

You're beautiful!
You're more worth than you think!
It's okay to make mistakes!
Just think Pink!*

They are always here for me,
I was never alone.
Why did I ever think
That I was never at home.

Never again,
Now I know,
I can worry not,

I am home.
Words of Encouragement
Traumeria Jan 2018
Keep me awake from this very toxic day.
Hold me closer as my prescence fades away.
Talk to me if I become silent,
And kiss me goodnight with my white nightgown in fine array.

Call out to me, so I know you're with me.
Let's together reach for the stars,
And pray for our eternal intimacy.
To dismiss their shrieks of sovereignty.

Kiss me goodnight, so I know you still love me.
As though we are apart, you are still my beloved.
One more affection to say my vows and goodbyes,
To hear your lullaby, in the distance I also hear your cries.
  Dec 2017 Traumeria
NOTE to the judges:

Before you judge me,

for being too thick, too thin

too manly or too feminine

too shy, too wild

too dark or too white

too simple, too fake

By no means, your piece of cake.

too short or too tall

Never enough,  giving it all.

My net worth, before you guess,

I thought I'd just let you know this.

" I wasn't born to please your eyes,

I was born to be magic in disguise."

~ Kakareikan
  Dec 2017 Traumeria
P r e t t y   p e o p l e
W i t h   p r e t t y   w o r d s
B u t   t h e y   a r e   u g l y
T h e i r   s p e e c h   i s   s l u r r e d

They never show
Their real emotion
While people watch
Their every motion

Everything they have
Is fake
If they'd notice
They would break

They're living in
A fake reality
They need to wake up
To actuality

We always talk
Behind their backs
If they knew
They would crack

They think we love them
They think they're pretty
But they really don't
Deserve our pity

P r e t t y   p e o p l e
W i t h   p r e t t y   w o r d s
B u t   t h e y   a r e   u g l y
T h e i r   s p e e c h   i s   s l u r r e d
Just so you know, I wrote a follow up to this poem that shows another aspect of pretty people. Thanks for reading :)
Many people say
that life is nothing but a test,
they say we'll die long before
our souls truly get to rest.

I've heard some people say
that from birth
we are already doomed,
and that it's all down-hill
once our petals have bloomed.

I've also heard some people say
that we already live in hell,
and that heaven is only a fairytale,

I say...
feed positivity to your soul,
never give up on reaching for your goal!
Never stop looking up into the sky,
life is full of wonder,
let me tell you why...

You see,
we always get back what we give,
our energy is mirrored - it reflects the energy 
we, in turn, will receive - we control
how we see life
and how we choose to live.

To find our blessings
we have to see beyond the struggles,
YES! difficult as it is,
we have to stay positive
through all of life's hurdles.

Life is a gift!
Just look into any innocent child's
hope-filled eyes,
deep inside them
God has implanted unconditional love
in abundance  - I tell you no lies!

Our children carry
all of the strength and hope
that we will ever need,
they are the beating hearts
of our souls - for them we bleed!

They will continue to keep
our spirits alive,
they are a part of us - we live inside them;
there, we will never really die.
Because of them, we survive!

Life is a gift,
a miracle made from pure love,
it is so much more than just a test!
Look deep down inside,
you will find
a bottomless treasure chest!

Life is a precious gift!
Think positively,
your spirits will lift!

By Lady R.F ©2016
I wrote this to counteract my negative feelings tonight. It helped!
  Aug 2016 Traumeria
You're right.
The world's not black anymore.
But it's still looking grey.

It isn't night anymore.
But it surely isn't day.

The world isn't upside down anymore.
But I'm still not looking straight.

The door isn't locked up tight anymore.
But it's still a locked up gate.

I might not be standing still anymore,
But I'm still not ready to run.

My finger isn't on the trigger anymore.
But I haven't put down my gun.

You may not see me cry anymore.
But you still don't see me grin.

No, I'm not shutting you out anymore.
But I'm still not letting you in.

I'm shaking hands with the darkness.
And I'm shaking hands with the light.

But I can't let go of either,
Or they'll see each other and fight.

Don't assume that
Because I don't sink anymore,
That I must be flying.

Just because I'm not dead anymore,
Doesn't mean that I'm not dying.
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