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Folake Aug 4
The path I walk looms over me like the darkness that falls at night
But today I see that sliver of light, that of the moon in dark skies.
Maybe I don't have to be sad anymore
Folake Jul 27
So over all this pain
Is it ever going to fade
I'm giving up
I don't want to try anymore
Don't feel bad for me
I really want you to know
So please let me go
Sometimes I really don't want anyone around me to help me or pity me, I would rather I was left alone. The tags on this may seem different from the poem but that's how I feel when I have space to be.
  Jul 27 Folake
Roberta Moshe
They say I do not fit,
Like a square peg in a round hole, I shouldn’t be.  

They say I ought not exist,
Because who I am does not match their script.  

They say I do not belong here,
For ‘difference’ is not a word we understand here.

They say “we do not want you",
So, run and hide like the ones before you.
In their eyes, I am a pariah, an outcast, a loner, a target, I am many things,
I am a guitar without the strings  

On the basis of my uniqueness, I am ostracized.  

For I am coloring outside the lines,
I am something they can’t define.

I am crisscrossed, zig-zagged,
I am not exact.  

I am jazz, wild and unstructured,
They say a bit fractured.  

I am disruption, I am chaos,
But that’s the stuff that makes us.  

I am not a perfect symphony,
But really, who needs to be?
This is for anyone and everyone who has ever felt like they don't belong.
Folake Jul 2
The despair I feel
Surrounds me till I can't breathe
It never goes away
New added to old
Scars turns to wounds
No time to process, it hurts till I cry
Then I stand up and walk again
Every day I feel so much pain and I don't know what to do about it
Folake Jun 29
People are damaged, messy and imperfect. They fail me time and again.

They will never be enough to mend the broken person I am, they will never be enough to heal my soul.
I'm constantly realizing that no one can help me but myself and even I don't want to.
Folake Jun 27


Folake Jun 21
I hate people
Even though i know i shouldn't
It's easier that way
Hating is easier than loving
So is living in the past and not forgiving
Human beings are backwards but...
I'm human too.
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