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Folake May 18
I really wish I existed only in paper
Existed only 2 dimensional
Existed just in writings,
Sometimes I wish I was fictional..
Just something i thought about when i feel low
  May 18 Folake
Roberta Moshe
Do you ever walk down busy streets
Watching nameless faces go by and wonder what their stories are ?
Because we all have a story right?
We all have something to say, we all have a past just waiting to be told.
Do you ever think about how all the unknown visages have and live a life as vivid and true as your own ?
Everyone with their own unique container of memories
All expelling emotions, love, fear, guilt
Do you ever wonder where these people have been, what they like, what they don't like, what they love, who they love ?
Everyone's life is a memoir in the making, every action and inaction all adding up to the tale.
Do you ever want to quit small talk and move quickly on to the burden of existence.
Ask the big questions
Not "How's the weather today?" but "How have you held on this long?", "What keeps you up at night?", "How are you crazy?', "What brings meaning to your life?'
Do you ever feel the urge to sit with another soul and unravel these things ?
Do you ?
I know i do.
Been wondering if other people do this for a while now and decided to write about it this morning.
Folake Dec 2017
We are halves of the puzzle I haven't connected yet, but when does "too soon" or "not now", become the right time.
Our hearts may want to tell each other yes, but when will our mouths be ready.
We've had so many things we wanted to tell each other, stuck in this unspoken, "but because of time" we keep telling each other.
Unspoken love
Folake Oct 2017
Life is complicted,
I'm frustrated,
tired, exhausted,
I wished i could go back
Wished not wish
Past, until i realized
I'd still have to go through
Through it all again
So i wished in the past
Until i realized
Realized but then
Then what is my wish
What do i wish
Wish for
How to stop?
Stop what
Does it freeze
It can't
Because I'd freeze up in frustaration
So what is my wish
My wish
I wish
Wish to be
Be free
My wish...
Folake Oct 2017
Let me go
If you don't want me
Set me free
Don't let me hold on
Loosen my grasp from you
If you don't want me
Set me free
I don't want to hold onto air
Set me free
If you don't love me
Folake Mar 2017
If i told you things i did before,  told you how i used to be
Told you what I've been through
Showed you the scars.
Would you stay with someone like me
If you knew my story word for word,  knew my history.
Would you really stay with someone like me?

— The End —