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we're all caught in the prison
I'm gunna drink until I can't drink any more
I'm gunna wallow in the bull$hit that makes me mad
All of it
F<ck the gratitude
I'm goin' straight in for hate tonight
Spill it
****t it
Tongue in cheek it
With pursed lips and squinted eyes
Debra in Silence Sep 2021
except for the few
if not but one who sees you for who you truly are
or reads you for what you are
and even then
you are lucky if it’s not of a dream or delusion

*as I **** and stitch and glue the atrocities, lies, arrogance & love
into my hobbies *

Debra in Silence Sep 2021
men just make you


  Jun 2021 Debra in Silence
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tumblr who?
i d o n t k n o w h e r
Debra in Silence Jun 2021
silhouette in the dark
the orange tree was plump
smell the sweet
Debra in Silence Jun 2021
I don't know what to say other than I'm glad to be back.
I've been wondering what I did with my time.
Then I realised I was writing.
Writing it all down.
Here I am.
Back on the black board.
Rub it off?
Leave it there.
Here we go.

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