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look to the mountains to seek your peace
the ocean is ever rolling
constantly questioning

the mist in the quiet blue of the mountains
gives solace
no misunderstanding
i regret everthing i do
until someone says
they've never done it

they're all creatures from the storm
so she sits with a beautiful song resounding
in the palm of her hand

ya know Trish?
i've been feelin'  GREAT lately
& ya know what else Trish?
it's  awesome!

lost in the woods
banging into dust and earth
looking for the way out
breathing isn't a priority

Trish. Grab my hand!
& hold it
to your heart
in the key
of G


& for those of you who like to read more.....

the key of G is warm
like toast & jam

holding space
is like chilli
& ice

in the breath of the one who knows
& feels
just like you
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