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Nov 2023 · 1.2k
KNOWER Nov 2023
as you keep reaching for the stars,
always remember that you too are a star

and speaking of stars...

being a Gemini,
always be mindful of:

your hots and colds,
your highs and lows,
your straights and folds,
your dulls and glows,
your whites and hues,
your yeses and noes...
your reds and blues,

just never lose sight of the "Gem In You"
... a freestyle poem presented to my Gemini of a sister at her graduation celebration party...
Aug 2020 · 656
KNOWER Aug 2020
if I were the Scar to your Mufasa,
then I'd re-write that whole disaster
and be th' one to go to th' hereafter,
for you, I gladly opt to be the martyr
(s)he who sheds  blood with me is my brethren
Jul 2020 · 167
KNOWER Jul 2020
with violet bridging up the flow,
from red right thru' to indigo
somewhere inside we All do glow,
we're All th' colours o' th' rainbow
' just simply thought to let y' All know...
Jul 2020 · 91
... will they?...
KNOWER Jul 2020
... will they ever?...
o, will they see The Genius?...

stead'ly lie(s) within us,
always tries within us,
and quietly cries within us...

(s)he who...
gently glows within us,
ever shines within us,
and simply sighs within us...

(s)he who...
freely flies within us,
soaring high within us,
to beam us up and lift us...

constantly does redeem us,
and daily dies within us,
each and every sinner...

only to once more...

arise, and bring us
closer to the inescapable Truth
that ever seems to fleet us...
KNOWER Jul 2020
I see you seeking consolation in your video consoles
digital moguls making profit from your wretched, con(ned) souls
they're selling lies to you, well packaged in that shiny box
you think they're keys while indeed they're just a bunch of locks
meant to entrap your precious souls thru' well devised distraction
these dudes are smart, tho' they're bent on man's own ill destruction
feed you illusions, just confuse you from the Truth then,
tighten that noose around your neck with each release man

I find it shocking how they  bring down mighty Titans
with virtual lies that are disguised as Man's enlightenment
Jun 2020 · 192
love, the riddle
KNOWER Jun 2020
love is a riddle, yes my friend
tho' firm, at times it just may bend
tho' it's deceived, it may forgive
tho' there be doubt, it still believes

love is a riddle, yes my friend
't may cause a rend, then make amends
sometimes it's calm, sometimes throws fits
at times quite plain, at times with twists

love is a riddle, yes my friend
sometimes brings pain, yet sometimes joy
it may cause growth, and then destroy
't may cause a smile, or leave annoyed

love is a riddle, yes my friend
't may spur on high, and then descend
to bring you low so you may know
's no depth nor height it cannot go

love may let go, or may secure
it may give up, or 't may endure
at times seems rich, sometimes quite poor
sometimes quite stained, at times it's pure

in all this, friend, you ought to know
there is no place love cannot go
it's potent streams shall ever flow
I pray its waters help you grow
Jun 2020 · 36
KNOWER Jun 2020
this just may be the final piece,
I'm putting out for all to see
the time spent here's been full of peace
I've grown so much, all thanks to thee

the aim, in this was to find me
and that I have, quite thankfully
in All I've come to truly see,
we're One, combined inseparably

the best of things are short and sweet,
so please forgive these stanzas three,
someday I hope we'll get to meet,
'til then, adieu, may God keep thee
Jun 2020 · 142
(Poet)Re: Poetry
KNOWER Jun 2020
I guess we call them "Po-ems"
'cause what 'they' do is "Po(ur) 'em"
the thoughts and feelings,
hopes and willings,
issue(d) out... yeah, quite revealing

I guess we call them "Po-ets"
'cause what 'they' do is "Po(ur) 'it"
their dreams and longings
(flow) out ' their being,
all to find that sought out healing

I guess I call 'them' "Prophets",
tho' some do it for profit
well, that's their dealing,
't may be fulfilling
in this, I pray you find some meaning
my simple mind goes at it again... 😶

I hope you enjoy(ed)...

may L💜VE, L🌹FE, and L🌞GHT always be with you all... ☺️
Jun 2020 · 355
the muse's thirst...
KNOWER Jun 2020
she ruffles thru' the written rows,
line by line, she sifts thru' prose
intent on catching with her knows (nose),
the timeless scents of dainty rose

her eyes affixed to gems in ink,
the precious words adeptly linked
by (her) lover's mind that ever thinks
of her thru' night without sleep's wink

in penned down verse she does find peace
amidst the words of (her) lover's piece
she is the muse that brings him bliss,
and with these words he sends his kiss
"Why don't you be the artist, and make me out of clay?...
Why don't you be the writer, and decide the words I'll say?... "
- Ellie Goulding

I hope you enjoy(ed)!... ☺️

may L💜VE, L🌹FE, and L🌞GHT always be with you... 🥰

God bless ☺️
Jun 2020 · 401
Sadim's Hold
KNOWER Jun 2020
You've prob'ly heard it told before,
Of "Midas' Touch" in written lore
But what you prob'ly might not know's...
Of Midas' kin, "Sadim", his bro

While Midas' touch turned things to gold,
Sadim's hold would turn them old
Upon his touch, things would grow mould,
Or break apart like pummeled stone

Well, SADIM's MIDAS flipped right back,
his brother's white, and he's the black
his name suggests he turns things dim,
his presence's dark, foreboding grim

But mark you ye, they're needed both,
Sadim's death, and Midas' growth...
"SADIM" is "MIDAS" read in reverse...
(for any who might've missed it).

I have been feeling rather off-beat after having accidentally broken my brother's computer... :/

the experience left me feeling like...
Sadim, "the Angel of Death"... :(

I just thought to try and pen down my thoughts, and feelings, regarding the experience in the hope of getting some respite...

I hope you enjoy(ed) the piece...

may love, life, and light always be with you all... :)
KNOWER Jul 2017
Through this poem, I do solemnly confess
My morbid obsession with Death, my Knight
Meeting you would be the ultimate test
Your harrowing grasp is my daily plight

You did take my mother that fateful day
To that realm of gold beyond this Earth's veil
Mem'ries, are all I have, of what she'd say
They'll keep me going 'til when "we'll" set sail

I long for you with a yearning that's deep
Simply waiting for you to come my way
To take my weary soul for Hædes' keep
How I pray Fate may hasten to that day

I'll be on my watch for you 'til we meet
Death, this verse has been penned for you, my Sweet
... the final repose...
Nov 2014 · 2.6k
KNOWER Nov 2014
We're all just a massive mess of energy
A beautiful, massive mess
And that's just the brilliance of it!

Times and times retold of our divinity,
Of our ancestors painted by the stars,
Of glory untold
And oh the glory!
That you may see it
Or even hear the echoes of its glorious memory resound across the heavens
And the loftiest of them all being our mind
Singular, not plural
For we have but the same mind
That we are moved by the same passions
That we are subtly subject to change
Oh, our malleable souls!

That we aspire for the Heavens
So we may get to soar freely
And yet dance to tunes of a heathen kind
Such is the hypocrisy that we've been raised to uphold as daily norm
None being the lesser!

For had it not been so, then with God you'd be this very moment
As Master, nature springing to your tunes
That you'll master all as Did SoloMon
Tense just being one of our many creations

So through this wake up call,
I beg all of you to arise from your deep slumbers
Your virtual realities whose bounds you artfully set with decided deliberation upon your mind
Wake up and see that you are infinite!
Wake up and see that you are divine!
Wake up and see that you are gods!
Oct 2014 · 917
trouble in paradise
KNOWER Oct 2014
There's trouble in paradise.
There always has been this dark, and misty gloom strewn all over the place.
And we are just actors who are good enough at pretending *"all is well."
May 2014 · 845
A Winter's Night
KNOWER May 2014
In a tavern up yonder, on a hill painted white
Many sought their refuge from the chilly, winter's night
The powdery flakes, lighter than feathers
Made their descent, dulling the weather

As the inn-keeper fed logs to the fire,
Recalled to memory was the glare of a pyre
With wispy tongues swaying ever-so-bashfully,
A brilliant radiance painted the pub beautifully

Barrel after barrel lined the barman's counter
Spewing wine which fuelled the noisy banter
Embracing a lute, a bard did passionately sing
Of life, and of love, and of every weighty thing

And danced they did to "The Piper's Tune"...
With tumblers full, they drank to the moon
This short poem is as a result of a random bout of inspiration which came about as I was reading Asterix. :)

My favourite character in the series is most definitely Vitalstatistix, the chief Gaul.

"Why?" :?

Well I thought you'd never ask! :)

Simple, because of his cool, auburn moustache
and also because of his irrational fear of "THE SKY FALLING DOWN on his head"! (Talk about crazy! His paranoid frenzies surely do get me laughing... HARD! :)

Though come to think of it, I guess his fear probably isn't irrational afterall! (Operative word here is 'probably').

I mean, granted that Jay Sean acknowledged the possibility of Vitalstatistix's fear of 'the sky falling' in his song "Down"
(And I quote:
"... even if the sky is falling down...")
There has to be some truth/rationale to his fear, I guess.

Not to mention the latest film in the Bond series: "SKY FALL" (odd title, don't you think?... well, the chief Gaul wouldn't think it odd!)

The British - more specifically "Bond, James Bond" (pardon me, I just had to! :p) - have alot of credibility (though I honestly don't know who gave it to them).

So, if they (i.e. the British) make any allusion to "the sky falling", then there has to be something to it! (Period!)
(Well, more like 'exclamation mark' although "period" sounds more lively so:
"PERIOD!... astral-projecting a log")
:? xp :p :)

(I'll be ******! Jay Sean is British! Who would have thought?!...
...ummm... Jay Sean? Or his relatives... or his friends... pretty much anyone who knows the man :p )

Now, if you're kind enough, this is the part where you recommend a psychiatrist. Better make them two
(because one just wouldn't do!)

:p :)

I hope you enjoy(ed)!
Apr 2014 · 362
love is over-rated
KNOWER Apr 2014
My heart,
My hollowed heart
Is battered and bruised
Worn out and used
All has been drained,
It bleeds no longer
Its thumping has waned,
It beats no longer

My hands,
My caloused hands are all that I'll have to show at the end of the day...
Love?!... To what end?!
KNOWER Apr 2014
Mine heart's been hardened by all the inequity and injustices suffered by it over time

I am in no position to be of any relevan(t assistan)ce at the moment

Let me strive to alter the workings of my mind and the condition of mine heart

Only then would any one benefit from the workings of mine heart and hands
Love truly is over-rated.
Apr 2014 · 944
... my heart...
KNOWER Apr 2014
My heart grows weary with the passing of each day as I sojourn on this seemingly endless voyage... a voyage through the seas and through the woods... through the hills that yonder stood....
Through dips and through  downs, it all comes around
And even still as my heart grows thin, there's this urge that grows within
A fire unkindled, a flame unfanned by mine own hands yet still it burns...
A flame so strong that it carries a song as it spews its embers throughout this cold September...

**(man it's cold & **** she's cold...)
Here's a little ditty which I wrote a while back.
The title's a bit of a cliché but I guess I've learnt to find the beauty in clichés :)

I hope you enjoy(ed)! :D
Apr 2014 · 1.7k
... sweet repose...
KNOWER Apr 2014
A simple melody, a yellow rose
A forgotten tragedy, my sweetest repose

A ****** trail, snow white sails
The end of all travail, my sweetest repose

A gentle brook, the sweet warm air
A good old book, my sweetest repose

A grain of sand, a giant oak
The touch of your hand, my sweetest repose

A drop of dew, the evening hue
A day with you, just to name a few
You're my sweetest repose
These are just a few of the things that bring peace upon my soul.

*dedicated to Nes
:p :)

Apr 2014 · 545
... homeward bound...
KNOWER Apr 2014
Follow the trail and you will see
A path which, 'til now, lay unknown to thee
Though there, hidden in plain sight
None but a few have seen its light

For love brought you all this way
So that in His love you may stay
In His arms there'll be no more night, only day
In His arms I pray thee lay
Apr 2014 · 439
... the tree...
KNOWER Apr 2014
The tree stood there...
Looking back at me,
As if raring to tell me something...
Probably of the days of yore now past...
Or of the many a moon that went by too fast...
It looked intently yet with a sort of detachment as would leave you astonished,
A non-chalance which spoke volumes on composure...
It made as if to make known the countless secrets it harboured in its twisted branches...
Of the many souls that saw it as their place of peace...
In a bid to try and hear the unspoken, it spoke tomes without having even spoken.
So quietly, it swayed to and fro.
Silently, it gazed...
Affixed to the hard, 'impalpable' earth...
A symbol of virtue...
The point where prudence met justice and fortitude its play-fellow temperance...
It stood on high with a sort of humble pride...
Slowly but steadily moving to the tune of the soft wind...
Magnificence incarnate...
It billowed ever so gently as if in unity with the elements all about it:
The sun's gentle fire from above,
The air all about,
The firm and unyielding earth beneath
And the water from down below
The point where all came and united in such harmony as would leave any who cared to acknowledge in awesome wonder...
And still as I went on my way, it still stood
Apr 2014 · 1.1k
... unrequited love...
KNOWER Apr 2014
Indifference considered in a broken moment
Steals the essence of your heart, your very soul
Though it offers a temporal escape
It wouldn't do for the long haul

Live for the moment
Live and learn
Learn to love
Only then would you truly see

Victims of love un-requited
Each and all
You and I
Only then would you truly see

Under the sky I'll patiently wait
This is an acrostic which I penned for my lady friend with the hope of coaxing her out of her indifference towards me.

Needless to say that the idea fell flat on its face! :/
I probably would have been better off had I not tried.

If you ever get to gain access to a time-travelling mechanism, please go back in time and stop the "past you" from writing this!
"Present me" - who'll be "past you" by then - would very much appreciate it.

Yours sincerely,
Me, you, us
(Whichever would float your boat then :) if there even will be boats by then :p )

P.S.: feel free to dial back to all the moments that "past us" has ever acted like an *** and just give him a heads up of the chains he's about to set into motion and the repercussions thereafter.
If he isn't convinced to act otherwise by what I'd imagine to be a flawless argument delivered by none other than (ahem!) yours truly :) (a.k.a. "future me" or as you'd probably prefer, "relatively futuristic, present you") regarding Newton's universal 3rd law, just bribe him with some fudge. That should do the trick. :)

P.P.S.: Fudge rocks! :b
Apr 2014 · 948
... the saltless curry....
KNOWER Apr 2014
Like toast without butter was the saltless bowl of curry
This indeed caused the unhappy cook to worry
"What shall I tell 'master', the only member of the jury?
For nothing but utter distaste the bowl does carry"

As reader, by now, you'd think there's the solution
Of simply adding salt to the saltless infusion
But please just wait before you arrive at conclusions
And let me guide you through the motions leading to the cook's final resolution

Had the cook some salt, this tale would have met it's end as soon as it begun
But given that that isn't the case, in our hands we have a miserable man
Who, though down-trodden, still believed in the strength of a simple "I can"
So off he went in search of salt, his journey 'has' just begun...
Apr 2014 · 3.2k
... of gods and men (I)...
KNOWER Apr 2014
Above, beside and way below
Who are we but men to know?
Of three quite strong yet treated wrong
By The Sisters Three, and cruel was their song

The first, the second but not the third,
Mother's love finally bore hard
In solemn jest, she did what need be done
Lest all were lost, leaving her with none

Hædes the first entrée to Khronos
So was the *second of "The In-bred Foes"
Then came Zeus, the third and last
Favoured was he in the days that pass't

Mother Rhea quickly thought out a plan,
She fed a rock to the cruel Titan
In swaddling cloth she wrapped the stone
Then in it went, to Khronos, unknown

Of age came he with rage and wrath
Poor was Khronos, who fell in his path
In awe, he gasped, "How could it be???!"
Then Zeus replied, "Oh yes, 't is me!"

And as per the prophecy, triumphant was he
To then save his brothers and be all he was meant to be
And now we know of Zeus above, Hædes below,
Posseidon with us and together we'll grow
The classic tale of the three, infamous Olympian gods (Zeus, *Posseidon, & Haedes), whose origins hail from ancient Greece, retold as a poem.

I hope you enjoy(ed)!  :)
Apr 2014 · 468
... grace abounding...
KNOWER Apr 2014
Dainty knave all forlorn
On a hope that now is gone
He thought it so but wrong was he
For ne'er to be and gone was she

Her air so meek, and mild, and rare,
All he looned this life to bear
His fancies vast and wild with flare,
Yet not even once thought he to dare

Like fair June or meadows bright,
Threadbare green, her daily plight
And on her face were smiles the while
Which would've had him tread many-a-mile

Two were they, one so alike the other
Their Grace abounding ,for in them saw he his mother
Approached the pair on that morrow
As they stole towards two, one with sorrow

"What say you on this young lad?"
Asked Grace with Courage to the boy so sad

"Seven-and-ten be I in three,
Then so with time might I be free"

"But chains nor holds we do not see,
Then why doth thou lack any glee?"

"My heart is bound by time truly past,
Haunted at night by memories to last"

"Forget not what you've all but claimed
Lest you forget our dainty names...
Lady Grace and Saintly Courage."

— The End —