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Peter Dec 2020
I stood before a boundless field,
Bleak and stark under under a brooding sky,
The shifting clouds sometimes revealed,
A crow, circling on high.

A gentle breeze whispered there,
Only heard by hearts that grieve,
Agitating the acrid air,
Stirring the fallen leaves.

A drowsy numbness pervaded my soul,
An emptiness from deep within,
The time is nigh to pay the toll,
For every mortal sin.

Then at once I felt a chill,
As I crossed the threshold of the field,
The beating of my heart went still,
Every scar unheald.

A final memory flashed through my mind,
As I passed over to the other side,
Of everything I left behind,
In the time before I died,
The time before I died.
Peter Dec 2020
Long before she rides the herse,
Kronos gifts his cruelest curse,
All maidens lose their subtle power,
Their  sweetness will in time turn sour.

Flowers bloom a bright array,
Of colors on a summers day,
But seasons change the light to shade,
And winter makes the colors fade.

A maiden holds a blooming flower,
Both prisoners within an hour,
For time will take away their crown,
And beauty lost is never found.
Peter Sep 2020
Within a universe of a trillion suns,
Through the emptiness and dispair,
She demands all love, with a bark that comes,
From the bottom of the stairs.

Two hearts respond, to the call,
Then heave a collective sigh,
For memories echo, lingers on,
For the little dog that died.
Peter Jun 2020
Should I love this world before I die?
The sun,wind,earth and sky,
And embrace these gifts of poetic devotion,
With appreciation, and warm emotion.

Or  should I view the world more cynically ?
Because of my mortality,
And see it all with a colder notion,
As nothing more, than matter in motion.
Peter May 2020
Hear the voices from the mountain,
Hark the whispers from the sea,
Come ye all drink from the fountain,
And quench the thirst of destiny.

Fear not the tombs eternal darkness,
Only that within your soul,
Take a grip and strive to harness,
The unflinching spirit of the bold.
Peter May 2020
Unknown to each other, in this life,
Now buried just feet apart,
She died of a fatal overdose,
He of a broken heart.

Strangers though they might of been,
Their paths one day did cross,
A fleeting glance while passing by,
Then a curious sence of loss.

Now neighbours till the end of time,
They share a bed of clay,
Her tombstone is white marble,
His a mottled grey.
Peter May 2020
Equidistant of heaven and earth,
And against the azure canvas of sky,
Like the fabled Phoenix rebirth,
He ascends the eternal realm on high.

Helios beckons him ever higher,
Poseidons's bounty awaits below,
Barren belly but wings of fire,
He has to choose which way go

Life awaits him near the ground,
And in the upper sphere it burns,
But he is never likely to be found,
Because to the light,
He turns.
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