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Nina Jun 11
It's been 20 days since we fall apart
and it has been 20days since i started to lose sleep
since i began crying every night
since ive been regretting my actions
20 days felt so long
but it felt just like yesterday
when everything went downhill
Nina Jun 11
will you give me another chance?
if i asked for it.
will you let me try again
to fix all my mistakes
will you pick up my calls ?
if i were to call you late at night
will you reply to my texts
if i were to text you again?
it makes me wonder
do i have a second chance of getting you back
or is it a little too late
to fix what we had
Nina Jun 11
i wrote you letters
that you'll never see
i've written letters
that you don't know existed
from reasons why i love you
to daily letters of how much i miss you
it's not much of a secret letter
since it was sent out to you
but i'm unsure
if you will ever see them
so i'll call them secret letters
because you are not aware of it
and maybe will never know
Nina Jun 9
Isn't it amazing?
How a picture
Could bring back all the memories from that moment.
Just take a look at the picture
And all the memories come rushes back
All the little details
Let alone videos,
Both stores memories on its own way
Both painful
And happy memories
Nina Jun 9
My eyes are tired
From all the tears
That I'd fall asleep
With watery eyes
Painfully shut close
To stop any further tears
Nina Jun 9
Been crying a little too much, everyday
These eyes are tired
And hurting
From all the tears shed
But there's nothing i can do
To make it stop
The tears just keeps on going down
Nina Jun 9
To the boy i loved,
But never had.

You were my love at first sight.
Or maybe you weren't.
But i was attracted to you
From the moment I've met you.

I didn't know i would end up falling for you.
I wasn't expecting you to make the first move
But every memories i had with you
Were the happiest of my life
Because your presence
Have brought my life
A meaning again
So to the boy that i love
I will always love you
Even if you weren't mine to begin with
I may not have you in person
But you will always be mine
In my dreams
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