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 Oct 2019 Srijani Sarkar
Is poetry dead
took its last breath
eating up all it's words
I'm feeling so hurt
poetry is dead
we mourned for days
sounds of sobs heard around the world

we slept in silence
lights on

poetry is dead
hello poetry welcome back to the internet
 Oct 2019 Srijani Sarkar
I've got things to say
look away
pens and pencils
don't look in
tear a page
unopened letters
I hate
I've got things to say
forgotten memories
lost melodies
jumping tales
go outside
find the darkest corner
and cry
echo out your sorrows
tell me why
I've got things to say
I will never say
 Oct 2019 Srijani Sarkar
I hugged a crying cloud
I caught a drop of rain in my hand
I killed the sun
put the earth's wind inside my hair
not sorry
I wait for my mistakes to catch up
for now
hug crying clouds
I **** the morning sun
I catch rain drops in my hands
guide the wind into my hair
I wait
for my mistakes to paint a portrait of me
committing the worst of crimes
against myself
the only love I grew up on
was destruction
self-destruction was my way of self-love
self-harm is my way of caring for myself
with broken hopes
my mistakes painted a dreary portrait
a cloud hugged me crying
the sun killed me sleeping
rain caught me falling
the wind whispered love into my head
some days
I'm sorry for everything
 Oct 2019 Srijani Sarkar
picked a hole in the sky
swallowed up
I run with the clouds
falling with rain

I told myself it'll get

I heard you say

cloudy day
the clouds are running
we run far
to the other side

it's better

will it rain today
will it rain today
will it rain again

I heard you say

it's different

farther away

we run
reach the screaming sun
stealing the golden light
Every chance I get to express myself poetically I take. But the truth is my heart belongs to nature,where the bird’s my stereo, the ocean’s my mirror, the trees my home and where my heart kept bubble wrapping for my safe keeping. Therefore I’m not a big fan of social media,  and I’m sort of shy, startling isn’t it lol. Though it hurts at times , sometimes I silence my voice and I hide from the world often ..behind a wall of ink , in the back of a crowded page near the exit ,close to the end of every story so I can make my escape ..seems like I’m always in the shadow  of my mind, unless I’m obliged into the light whose melody from time to time ( in my French accent ;) ) entices me to come out from behind the wall,to bleed my songs of enlightenment for those who need it. Those who may not be able to sing beautifully as always in the moment of pain, sadness, sickness, darkness and to uplift those considered to be defenseless when all roads turns to black,  literally. Where I share little bits of pieces of my personality and spirit to put a smile on their faces. Where Everything is Art, everything is poetry starting with myself. Only time I know how to take flight , and be free!
What’s good with y’all today.... Sending love your way!
 Oct 2019 Srijani Sarkar
let me spill my guts
swallow it

can I tell you

can I tell you

cut me open

eat my words

feed me your daydreams

I just want to tell you

let me have all the control

don't think
let me think for you

spilling my guts

running away
 Apr 2019 Srijani Sarkar
Moons watch me
Phases shift me
A wave bring me into existence
Show me the ways to the shore
Let me finally listen to the peace of the storm
 Apr 2019 Srijani Sarkar
 Apr 2019 Srijani Sarkar
They don't want me too be the same
They want me to color them
But I would draw them in grey
Outline as deep as the shade of black
Light we see in deep color, we're high measured in
With all the paint
Curves filling in tight spaces
Eyes can determine purpose
I don't have to color me
I don't have to color me
I'm in the same
I'm in the same
Plane I was drawing on
Boxes connecting grids
Checks but with what in the ink
Green is looking a lot of funny
Given is a grade of dark yellow
To sit in the shade wallowing in an out
Enjoying bitter and sweetness
I'm in the same kind of mind
I'm in the same kind of mind
Color all on the walls
Vivid even in the void of the blind
Sketches of foot wears bringing buries
Tripping off baby blues takes us back to the distant
Life graduates into darker shades
Into falling from darker beings
Being neutral is normal
I'm insane
I'm insane

Still no Hue
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